Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Censored In China
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

To the shock of absolutely no one, Square Enix’s mobile outing of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has been heavily censored for its release in mainland China. This includes covering up midriffs, thighs, and of course cleavage.

There’s a post over on the Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius sub-reddit from Lasswell, highlighting some of the changes made to certain female characters for the release of the game in mainland China. It basically includes more covered-up artwork and the cinematics consisting of some bright lights, the likes of which Sony’s Censorship Officers are probably salivating over.

Two of the most obvious examples shared in the thread are the espers Siren and Shiva. User prguitarman did a small comparison between the Chinese version of the game and the English version, and the difference is night and day. Check it out below.

The differences between the Siren are a little less conspicuous but still apparent nonetheless. You can check out the comparison between the Chinese version and the English version below.

As you can see, all her cleavage is covered up so you can’t see a darn thing. They don’t want you leering, lusting, or even glaring at her ample bosom.

The same applies to her thighs, and the undercarriage of her glutes. They use the feathers to completely cover up her legs all the way to the knee.

Even the Siren’s barely visible midriff gets the feather treatment. It’s mostly hidden by the shadow of her forearm in the original picture, but it’s all feathered up in the Chinese version.

To avoid having to modify the actual models for the CG sequences, they just added bright lights to cover up the characters… including CG Lid.

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This coincides with China’s extremely strict content policies when it comes to software entertainment being released in the mainland. But it’s not even just about sexual imagery or fan-service, violence and blood are also heavy targets of censorship in China as well.

So if you decide to put time into the Chinese version of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, be prepared for more coverage, leaves, and bright lights than a helicopter search party trying to find a grasshopper in a cabbage field.

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