GamesAndGirls Episode 4 Has Been Approved, Will Launch Uncensored On Steam
GamesAndGirls Episode 4

The fourth episode for Games&Girls will finally launch on Steam, joining the other three episodes that are currently available on Valve’s digital distribution service starting Monday, September 23rd.

The news was confirmed by a tweet made by Yume Creations on September 20th, 2019.

You can currently add Games&Girls: Episode 4 to your Steam wishlist by visiting the Steam store page and clicking on the big green button.

The game will unlock in just a little over two days from the publication of this article. You will need Episode 1 in your library to make use of Episode 4.

Why is this news significant? Because not long ago – September 7th, 2019 to be exact – Yume Creations had informed the general gaming public that Valve had indefinitely stalled the release of Games&Girls: Episode 4 over the game’s use of symbols.

It was repeatedly pushed back from being approved for release until one of Valve’s software curators took umbrage with the swastika used for one of the characters in the game. Given that many Liberals aren’t well educated on anthropology or world culture, they had no idea that there’s a difference between the religious swastika and the national socialist Hakenkreuz.

GamesAndGirls Episode 4 - Iron Throne

Even if Games&Girls: Episode 4 did use the Hakenkreuz instead of the religious swastika, it shouldn’t make a difference. Symbols aren’t illegal. And even if a cultural department did determine that the use of certain symbols within the work were deemed in violation of their cultural standards, then Valve could do the right thing and disable Games&Girls: Episode 4 in that region. Problem solved.

Instead, Valve is not only policing content based on what’s age-appropriate but also curating based on their own ideological sensibilities.

Developers should be up in arms over this kind of creative interference from a distributor, but a lot of developers are okay with this kind of censorship so long as it’s against ideas they don’t agree with… well, just until it’s censorship that eventually affects ideas they do agree with.

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