Gears 5 Ending Explained

Gears 5 Ending Explained

There were some people claiming that Gears 5 was fine; that it wasn’t woke. However, it turns out that the game is woke, and it continues to push the exact same kind of propaganda that you would expect from a converged studio. For those of you curious what the game’s story is about and how it ends, you can find out right here.

The start of the game lures players in by allowing you to play as J.D. Fenix and Del. The first act seems like it’s going to be a right proper game for people who enjoy masculine, third-person shooters. However, the end of the act does a U-turn when J.D., and his Saturday morning super friends are sent into a town to provide backup to Carmine and the rest of the COG trying to rescue townspeople from a Swarm attack.

Gears 5 - JD

It’s revealed that the townspeople hold a hostility toward COG because months prior J.D., ordered a squad of COG soldiers to kill innocent protestors, thus painting him as an evil monster.

As a way to redeem himself, J.D., attempts to sacrifice himself as an oncoming Swarm horde begin to attack the convoy of townsfolk trying to escape the city. J.D., has Baird activate an unstable satellite so they can use the Hammer of Dawn to take out the Swarm horde. It partially works, but since it’s unstable, the Hammer of Dawn ends up randomly blasting across the city, including taking out the innocent people in the convoy. J.D., attempts – again – to save the people from the convoy, but gets caught in the blast, damaging his arm and scarring his face while trying to save Lizzie Carmine, who dies in the blast.

Gears 5 - It's About Me

That’s when the game switches over to Kait, who is sent up into the mountains to recruit the Outsider clans to join the COG to fight against the Swarm. Kait meets with her uncle, Oscar, to convince him to join the COG but then the Swarm attack the village, and a Snatcher sucks up Kait.

While inside the Snatcher, Kait melds with the Swarm hive and begins to control the Swarm, fighting the humans and the other Swarm. It eventually leads up to Kait taking control of a Warden, who eventually confronts her uncle Oscar where it crushes in the old man’s skull with its bare hands.

Gears 5 - It'll be Fine

Kait, distraught, wants to better understand her mental plight, but J.D., wants her to return to base. That’s when Kait delivers the now meme-worthy line, “This isn’t about you, it’s about me!”

With that, everyone bows to her feminist demands and Marcus has Del accompany Kait to check out a secret COG base located on Mount Kadar that might help her understand her connection with the Swarm.

The two POCs commandeer an Outsider skiff and travel across the icy tundra toward the COG base.

Gears 5 - The Matriarch

After finally reaching the base and encountering an AI remnant of Dr. Niles, they find out that the Locust were genetically engineered as hybrids made by Dr. Niles. It turns out that Queen Myrrah was originally a child of a miner who was immune to Imulsion, and she didn’t age or catch diseases like the others. They fused Myrrah’s DNA with the Sires to create the Locust horde.

Myrrah had a daughter named Reyna, who turned out to be Kait’s mother. When Kait’s father fled from the facility with Reyna, Dr. Niles told Myrrah that Reyna died, which caused her to rebel and utilize the Locust horde as an army against the humans.

So yes, this is identical to Horizon: Zero Dawn where all the evil enemies in the world were created by the “evil white guy”.

Gears 5 - Their Queen

While hooked up to a dormant Matriarch, Kait discovers that the essence of her mother is still alive, even though she thought she killed her in Gears of War 4. The Swarm hive wants Kait to become their new queen, but she declines, and the AI Dr. Niles releases the Matriarch in retaliation for Kait rejecting the Hive.

After killing the mutant Matriarch in the secret COG base, Kait and Del travel to an old UIR base to carry out J.D’s original plan of launching more Hammer of Dawn satellites to take down Swarm nests.

J.D., and Fahz rejoin with Kait and Del, with J.D., willing to let Kait lead Delta squad as they gather beacons and launch the satellite rockets for the Hammer of Dawn.

Gears 5 - We Need A Target

They never explain why J.D., decided to abandon his morals and kill innocent people or why he was acting evil.

J.D., and Fahz play second fiddle to Kait as they launch the rocket, kill a giant sandworm and then make their way back to Ephyra, where the Swarm launches an all out attack on the city.

The COG have to plant beacons for the Hammer of Dawn to fight back against the Swarm, but one of the beacons gets attacked by Queen Reyna, and Kait has a choice of either saving Del or saving J.D.

Whichever one she chooses to save, the other one dies.

Gears 5 - Queen Reyna

They have little time to mourn, as the Swarm takes down all the beacons and the surviving COG retreat to the wall, where they battle the giant worm from atop the wall using the mega-rail cannons. Jack, the little robot works as a beacon for the Hammer of Dawn and flies inside the worm’s mouth and activates the satellite, destroying the worm and most of the wall in the process.

After the Hammer of Dawn literally liquefies most of the city, somehow Delta squad survives, and Marcus tells Kait that the queen is still out there, and Kait responds saying that she knows and that they have to find the queen first.

Roll credits.


Gears 5 - Flashback WHen Kait Was Pretty

TL;DR: During the first act J.D., is portrayed as a murderer and nincompoop to diminish his role as a hero. He also gets a bunch of human survivors killed and manages to get his arm burned up in the process. Kait becomes the main protagonist who goes on a personal journey to discover her true self. She finds out she’s the granddaughter of Queen Myrrah, the leader of the Locust horde. It’s also revealed that Myrrah was a lab experiment created by an evil white scientist, and she rebelled and launched an all-out attack against humanity using the Locusts, after they took Reyna, her daughter (and Kait’s mother), from her. Kait also discovers that even though she thought she killed Reyna in Gears of War 4, the Swarm retained her body and used it to form their new queen using the memories of the Hive.

Kait finishes J.D’s original mission of getting the Hammer of Dawn online, while Queen Reyna attacks the COG settlement, forcing Kait to lead Delta squad in a massive showdown in the outskirts of the city. Queen Reyna captures Del and J.D., during the firefight forcing Kait to choose to save only one of them, which means either Del or J.D., has to die. Reyna uses a giant kaiju to attack the wall, but the AI robot Jack sacrifices itself by turning into a homing beacon for the Hammer of Dawn, leveling the entire outskirts of the city and the kaiju in the process. The game sets itself up for another sequel with Kait informing Delta squad that they have to hunt down and kill Queen Reyna in Gears 6 or Gears of War 6… or whatever it’s going to be called.

Anyway, the series now stars Kait, and all the males have been relegated to second-fiddle roles behind her. It doesn’t even make sense WHY Kait is now the leader of Delta squad other to maintain the current feminist agenda running roughshod throughout gaming.

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