Gold Express, Cyberpunk Asymmetrical PvP Game Set To Enter Early Access On Steam
Gold Express

Beijing-based indie studio, Dawn Studio, announced that the asymmetrical PvP action game, Gold Express, will be entering into Early Access on Steam this fall.

The multiplayer title is set within a cyberpunk universe where a group of net-running hackers attempt to data-scavenge information from an uplink and escape from the location before a killer robot controlled by a human conscious descends upon them and kills them.

The neat part about it is that the gameplay syncs up with the game’s lore, which is about an advanced cybernetic predator that has all the expertise and wile of a human, despite being made entirely of a machine.

This makes the gameplay unpredictable and dangerous, as players will attempt to avoid the predator and complete the mission before they get aced. It’s no different than games like Friday The 13th or Dead By Daylight, but it has a cyberpunk aesthetic. You can check out the gameplay via the trailer below.

So first off, the visuals look on-point. The game features some sexy looking characters, some of whom are wearing tight-fitting bunny outfits, complete with curvaceous bodies and cute faces. This is the kind of aesthetic design principle that lures gamers in and keeps them playing. It’s funny that even Chinese developers know that sex sells.

Beyond the bunny girls and the waifu bait, there are the typical looking hoodlums, scumbags, scoundrels, and anti-social vagrants.

I don’t know how well the game will play out in real-time, but I guess we’ll find out once it enters into Early Access this fall.

The Chinese indie devs have plans on keeping Gold Express in Early Access for at least six months, depending on feedback and how much they have to add, change, remove, or alter along the way.

It’s a shame that Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t capture the cyberpunk feel that games like Gold Express does. And at least in the case of Gold Express you can play non-degenerates and hot chicks, two things that are completely absent from CD Projekt Red’s action-RPG.

If you’re interested in Gold Express you can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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