Guild Wars 2 Gets Woke With A Non-Binary Elder Dragon

Guild Wars 2 Jormag

ArenaNet went through the trouble of dealing with the very public Jessica Price firing back in 2018. While most people were behind them in the firing due to Price’s antagonism toward the Guild Wars 2 community, ArenaNet decided to use that goodwill to devolve into the exact same kind of politics that gamers hoped they would avoid.

The news comes courtesy of the latest promotional issue for the Icebrood Saga “Bound By Blood” episode set to launch on September 17th for Guild Wars 2. Within the issue there’s a segment for the dragons on page six over on the official Guild Wars 2 website.

Down the page there’s a description for one of the elder dragons, Jormag. Where it describes him as “non-binary”. You can view the image below.

In case you can’t read the description for Jormag, it states…

“The Ice Dragon. Forced the norn and kodan to flee from their homes in the Far Shiverpeaks. Jormag is though to be perhaps the most “eloquent” of Elder Dragons, persuading you to ally yourself with them in exchange for power. Jormag’s desires become yours, and you are eventually transformed into icebrood. My own experimentation confirms that Jormag’s and Primordus’ magics have a unique and mutually debilitating relationship. Currently hibernating.”

The red text below Jormag’s description is the real tell. In case you missed it, the red text reads…

“The non-binary possessive pronoun here reminds me: Since our relationship with Aurene has evolved our understanding of Elder Dragons vis-â-vis gender identity. You may want to add a new section on that topic. She may even be able to tell us what Zhaitan and Mordremoth identified as, if they did.”

Yes, they made an elder dragon “non-binary”.

This is just part of the encroaching linguistic authoritarianism that we’re seeing from the Left weaseling its way into every single aspect of entertainment. In this particular case, not even dragons are safe from the Left.

(Thanks for the news tip Marcus)