In Full Bloom Trailer Sees American And Japanese Boxers Duking It Out Amid Post-War Tensions
In Full Bloom

Reza Ghassemi and Adam VillaSenor’s In Full Bloom is an interesting boxing movie themed around a post-war, international fight between an undefeated Japanese boxer played by Yusuke Ogasawara and an American boxer played by Tyler Wood, who clash in an epic fight while geopolitical tensions swell around the encounter.

The movie takes a more politically existential approach to the subject matter, showing both the training and the stakes for Ogasawara and Wood’s characters. In the case of the Japanese boxer, he has an entire legacy to uphold, and something to prove against a fighter from a nation that kicked their butts just years prior during World War II. In the case of the American, he has the honor of the most powerful country on the planet to maintain, and an opportunity to show that he’s no pushover in the land of the rising sun.

The trailer doesn’t put one fighter above the other, nor are they portrayed as stereotypical good guys or bad guys in a binary tale of one overcoming the other. It seems to keep both fighters on equal footing and showing that there’s a lot at stake for either of them.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

So a couple of things: First, the movie looks great. It has a grounded, almost docudrama feel to the way it’s presented, which is nice. Another thing, both the lead actors look legit, and that goes a long way in portraying the fight as being serious and technically sound. Hopefully the fight choreography matches the intensity portrayed by both leads. Lastly, the trailer does a fantastic job of not spoiling the whole movie! Congrats on the marketers for getting that right.

All too often we report on movie trailers that spoil the entire film, giving away the general gist, the twist, and the ending. This is one of those trailers where they kept it fairly contained and only focused on giving viewers a reason to check it out when it hits theaters.

Based on trailer I didn’t see any [current day] pozz, so that’s a huge plus. Hopefully the full movie is as solid as the trailer.


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