“Islam Is Right About Women” Signs Trigger Women And Muslims
Islam is right about women

Is it Islamaphobic? Is it misogynistic? Could it be both? That’s what women and Muslims are questioning after seeing signs posted around the Winchester, Massachusetts area that read “Islam is Right about Women”.

The signs, typed up and printed out, were found around the commercial and school districts of the community, which eventually led to Anita Davidson making a post about it on social media.

She also called the police.

Eventually the media was alerted to the instance of the posters showing up around the Winchester area, stirring outrage within “Progressives” who aren’t exactly sure how to respond other than to be emotionally perturbed.

The video below from zyntrax captures clips from various news stations who reported on the incident, highlighting the oxymoron of the “Progressive” agenda.

What’s funny here is that if the sign is condemned then it means that they’re against Islam’s treatment of women, which would mean that the people being against it would be classified by “Progressives” as “Islamaphobic”.

If you agree with the message and support the Islamic view of how women should be treated, then it makes you “misogynistic” in the eyes of “Progressives”.

It’s a Kafkatrap where no matter how you attempt to rationalize the message you’ll be in violation of someone’s feelings on the Progressive Stack.

It’s a brilliant piece of trolling to highlight just how ridiculous the Left has become with what they attempt to promote and normalize in today’s society. The stunt managed to trigger all manner of butthurt much like 4chan’s “It’s okay to be white” meme, or when they attempted to convince people that people who drunk milk were Nazis.

Even the news media didn’t know exactly how to react to the flyers other than to find people who were outraged someone was smart enough to plaster messages around town that put a spotlight on the Left’s ever-increasing insanity.

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