Kandagawa Jet Girls Will Feature Online Multiplayer, Unlockable Costumes, Customization
Kandagawa Jet Girls

New gameplay screenshots have emerged for Honey Parade Games and Marvelous Entertainment’s upcoming multiplayer racing game, Kandagawa Jet Girls. The game will feature eight different courses to complete, multiple challenges, and more than 60 costumes to unlock.

Sankaku Complex picked up the news and offered gamers more details on the gameplay, the game modes, and the multiplayer component.

While the anime centers around Rin Namiki, who attempts to join a Tokyo racing league by partnering up with Misa Aoi in order to become a famous jet girl racer, the game will allow players to explore the stories and lives of each jet-girl pairing.


The story mode will see players taking on the role of each pair of girls in segmented chapters throughout the game. The actual story segments will unfold with character interactions similar to a visual novel.

It’s worth noting here that the 3D models are rendered with the sort of lighting and shaders that give them the guise of hand-drawn characters. It’s a nice touch as far as creating visual separation from other games.


Beyond the story mode, there’s also the Time Attack mode, which you can participate in to either practice your skills or compete to post the best times in the ranked leaderboards. There’s also a Free Mode, where you can challenge the CPU to a race across the eight different tracks.

According to Sankaku Complex the courses will change according to time of day and difficulty settings.


There’s also an online multiplayer mode where up to four players can compete. It’s a shame that it doesn’t allow for up to eight players, with two players occupying one jet bike each, especially since the way the game is played requires two characters in order to compete.

The way the game is played is that one of the girls drives the jet, known as a “jetter”, while the other mans the weapon, known as a “shooter”. In the single-player mode, players will have to alternate between riding the jet and manning the gun, both exercising excelled riding skills and targeting capabilities.


The races themselves are like a cross between WaveRace 64, Jet Moto and Mario Kart Double Dash.

Tracks will require players to have to maximize their speed by grabbing pick-ups and utilizing the power-ups to thwart your opponents. To help make things more enticing, you can utilize ramps, dodge obstacles and even ride up on the sides of the wall to overtake your opponents.


As you win races, compete against other players, and curb stomp the CPU into oblivion, you’ll be able to unlock new costumes for your jetters and shooters.

Costumes and accessories can be applied in the wardrobe, where you can modify the way the girls look and customize their outfits and skin color. It’s very similar to the wardrobe mode in the Senran Kagura games.



While some of the girls are obviously designed to be sexy, you can really see where the PS4 censorship policies have come into play with how much unnecessary coverage has been added to the girls.

You’ll note that most of them have outfits that ensure not too much cleavage or buttocks are showing, and we can see that most of the swimwear offers plenty of threads over all the necessary bits.


There are a few bikini outfits that show leg and cleavage, but even then it’s nothing compared to the sex appeal offered by the barely-there outfits from the Senran Kagura titles.

It’s pretty obvious the fan-service is nowhere near as risque as it could have been. I know some people are going to say that it’s just keeping in line with the anime, but even still you could see a lot of potential where Honey Parade could have gone so much further with the outfits than what they did.

Then again, maybe there are some secret outfits you can unlock along the way that bare a lot more skin?


The game was originally announced back at the start of August to tie into the announcement of the anime that the game is based on, which is set to air on October 8th, 2019 in Japan.

Kandagawa Jet Girls is set to make its way to the PlayStation 4 starting January 16th, 2019.

It’s a real shame that the game isn’t releasing on PC or Nintendo Switch, because it would have been perfect for those two systems and not bound by the restrictions of Sony’s censorship policies.

(Thanks for the news tip Wondy Bergers)


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