Living With Yourself Trailer Sees Paul Rudd Trying To Kill Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd

I’m not a fan of Netflix, and I would never suggest to subscribe to them while they continue to peddle their propaganda down the throats of said subscribers, but I do sometimes find their original movies intriguing. One perfect example of this is the creepy, comedic thriller, Living With Yourself.

The movie stars Paul Rudd as a depressed, lethargic, struggling man living an unfulfilled life where he struggles to maintain a reason to get up in the morning. He decides to visit a Chinese clinic that offers to solve his problems by making him happy again. He goes through with the procedure and finds himself enjoying every aspect of his life once more. He becomes more productive at work, more loving towards his wife, and more affable to neighbors and friends. However… there’s a catch.

It turns out that he really didn’t become happy, he became a new person without any of the emotionally negative traits he used to harbor by becoming a completely new human. You can check out the trailer below.

At first things seem like it might play out with some sort of psychological thriller twist, but instead we find out that the clinic simply drugged and dumped Rudd’s old self into a ditch after wrapping him in plastic. I guess the quality of Chinese body disposal matches the quality of their sweatshop products.

In any case, the two Paul Rudds end up meeting face to face and run into the obvious problem of being two people with one wife, one job, and one life.

The trailer first attempts to depict the two trying to work out a way to make their singular life functional, but then things begin to break down, and emotions run high, and then it looks like things get hairy and one of the Rudds turn to violence.

As some people pointed out in the comment section, it’s like Multiplicity meets Gemini Man.

The movie looks interesting due to its mixture of dramedy and creepy thrilling elements involving the two disparate Rudds trying to avoid finding common ground.

Living With Yourself is set to air on October 18th, 2019 on Netflix. But again, you know the rule about Netflix.


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