Otogi Frontier, R18+ JRPG Lands On Nutaku And DMM
Otogi Frontier

The developers of Otogi Frontier announced that the chibi-style R18+ JRPG is currently available on both the DMM web portal and on the Nutaku storefront. The hardcore role-playing title combines a story about saving the world with some famous fairy tale characters, and a bevy of H-scenes to top it all off.

Otogi Frontier is about the region of Otogiland having the balance of its power becoming distorted when the holy Elmight and the evil Demight are knocked out of sync, and evil begins to take root and spread throughout the land in a bad way.

As an unlikely hero, players are tasked with recruiting hot chibi characters and building up a party of strong female characters that accommodate a wide range of fetishes.


There are gender-swapped version of Son Wukong from Journey To The West and Captain Hook from Peter Pan, along with sexy version of Anna Maria from The Little Match Girl, and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. In fact, The image above with the smug loli face is actually Dorothy.

As you recruit your hotties and battle the forces of evil, you’ll need to master the turn-based battles, collect gems to upgrade each of your party members, and take on various main and side-quests along the way. As you complete the quests, daily quests will be made available, along with raiding events, special events, and weekly missions.

The game features fully animated H-scenes with all of the girls you encounter throughout the game, along with binaural sexual sound effects, specifically attuned for those with surround sound compatible headsets.

You can start playing Otogi Frontier right now by visiting the Nutaku page or by checking out the DMM app page for the game.

It’s nice to see developers exploring other options rather than sticking all their eggs in Steam’s proverbial basket, especially given how fickle Valve is when it comes to reviewing, curating and approving games.


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