My.Games PC Storefront Talks Store Features, Exclusive Games, And Revenue Split

Not too long ago, we reported that Steam,, and the Epic Games Store would see another storefront join the PC client fray in the West, which is My.Games. In a recent interview, the members of My.Games talk store features, exclusivity, and revenue split.

If you don’t know, is an international subsidiary of Mail.Ru. happens to work under brands and services such as My.Mail, My.Chat, My.Games and Maps.Me.

Secondly, I should note that My.Games have not elaborated on their policy toward porn games, fan service titles, and adult content on their platform. So while we wait on that, publication site spoke to some of the people that make the storefront tick and how the service will operate in the West.

While at Gamescom 2019, the website asked My.Games Marketing Director Elena Grigoryan about monthly active users. Here’s her response:

“Our monthly active users is pretty impressive; it’s about 13 million in Russia and these figures are pretty close to the audience for Steam. We’re successfully competing with Steam [at home] already. We’re now trying to use our knowledge to expand the business outside of Russia. So we’re not a new player in the market.”

Much later in the interview, user experience is a top priority for My.Games (reportedly) where the company noticed some of the user controversy surrounding the Epic Games Store. Despite the Epic PC client releasing in late 2018, the storefront still lacks basic features found on Steam. My.Games’ West General Manager, Volker Boenigk, believes My.Games will avoid such controversy by slowly bringing features that work over to the Western version:

“At first, it’s going to be a gradual process for us as well. We won’t be throwing all the features that we’ve ever had into the Western market on day one, but we’ll introduce them step-by-step. We’re aware of the features that Steam has, both on the user side and developer support side, and the same for Epic Store. We’ll be looking closely at what’s important to bring out first.


We’ll also try to be transparent about what’s available for the Russian audience and what will come to the Western market, and when. We have that advantage, we have these years of features that are already built, that are very clear and exist. It’s not that we would create a roadmap out of just our imagination of what we’d like to do. The features are there, it’s just we’ll bring them step-by-step to make sure everything works as it should.”

When the publication site asked why My.Games is sticking with the industry standard of 70|30 revenue split and not Epic Games Store 88|12 revenue split, Head of My.Games Store, Rodion Kotelnikov, had this to say:

“But lots of platforms still use that split — it’s still a standard. Steam uses it, the consoles use it. We need to start from something. We’re not saying it’s forever, it could be changed later, but we’re just not announcing anything about that now.”

Later, Kotelnikov talks about exclusivity deals and what My.Games is actively pursuing:

“We have a unique audience — at least in Russia, we have a lot of people who are only playing our games on our platform. That’s why I’m sure we can create additional revenue for developers. They can publish their games on other platforms and on ours, and earn more money than they would if it were only one one platform.”

Lastly, unlike the Epic Games Store, which has a heavy focus on developers, My.Games attempts to please both devs and gamers:

“We’ll try to develop our platform in both a developer-driven way and a user-driven way. We aim to make the best platform ever.”

My.Games and all of the above is set to release Q4 2019 for PC goers.


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