Princess And Conquest, R18+ RPG Will Enter Early Access On Oct 10th
Conquest and Princesses

Towerfag and Critical Bliss’ Princess & Conquest is destined to meet its fate – for better or for worse – when when October 10th, 2019 rolls around next month. The hand-drawn role-playing game is an Adults Only title that will attempt to squeeze its way past the taste police at Valve and launch into Early Access on Steam.

The game is a hybrid RPG where you take on the role of a Knight who has to save a kingdom after a powerful dragon goes missing. You’ll need to venture about, making use of different mechanics to further your quest, while also recruiting a variety of NPCs into your fold as you battle, explore, and craft your way into infamy.

The game features more than 75 different animated CG sequences, where the player character can interact with a wide variety of different chicks, ranging from exotic princesses to monster girls, and everything else in between… including lolis.

I don’t know if this game will be able to escape the of Valve’s taste police if they taste a little more than what’s present in the screenhots and trailers, but the description makes it quite known that a wide array of different kinks are included in the game, such as simulated pregnancies, genetics, breeding programs, slave actions, transformations, and necromancy.

It sounds a lot more… inhumed in categorical fetishes than I originally thought.

In any case, I’m curious how Valve will treat the release of this game (assuming it does get released)?

Princess and Conquest - Exotic Goods

They plan on riding out the Early Access run for about a year, focusing on adding additional routes and endings for each of the main princesses you encounter throughout the game, and fully animated CG sequences to span the likes of the entire cast, hence why they plan on being in Early Access for a year.

The current game features a fully working pregnancy system, more than 100,000 possible NPC combinations spread across 15 different races, and lots of items and costumes in which to customize the game. There are also 400 maps to explore and more than 80 quests to complete.

They also finished six different routes at the moment, so there’s definitely a lot of meat that will be present in the Early Access version of the game.

We’ll see if Valve pulls the plug over the next couple of weeks or if they will allow it through, lolis and all, when October 10th, 2019 arrives.

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