Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Not Gain Single-Player Content Any Time Soon, Devs 100% Focused On Online

Despite all the rumors floating around about a potential zombie, alien or Undead Nightmare 2 DLC for the single-player mode for Red Dead Redemption 2, it looks like all of that “faith” has been left behind according to lead online production associate, Katie Pica. Yes, from here on out, the obvious move that GTA V paved seems to be the way forward for Red Dead Online.

Although sporting a spotty track record, a user almost a year ago took to Reddit to “leak” some behind the scenes info regarding Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

In addition to the above, this user went by the name of u/Cultur_Strawberry (now seen as [deleted]). In a now nuked thread that slightly remains intact due to archives on r/leakthreads sees this SJW “developer” claiming there were no plans for Red Dead Redemption 2 story DLC.

A Reddit user by the name of Dopesaint asked Cultur_Strawberry, “Did you guys work on any DLC?” Here’s what the so-called former Rockstar employee had to say:

“That would violate my NDA. I can tell you that the GTA online system of updating and adding onto the multiplayer without doing anything for the single-player was incredibly profitable.”

Another user by the name of AmanDon04 asked, “Why was Mexico cut out?” Here’s the response that Cultur_Strawberry gave:

“There was no point in it. New Austin was only left in because we needed the Biome.”

Another user by the name of JJe10001 took Cultur_Strawberry up on his AMA and asked: “How much of Mexico was finished when they cut it?
Do you think any of the cut content might reappear as Online/SP DLC later on, like what they did to GTAV’s cut SP DLC?” The alleged former Rockstar dev replied:

“That sort of skeletal version of nuevo paradiso is all that was finished.”

JJe10001 would take advantage of this conversation and ask: “Do you think that was the state of a lot of the cut content, or were there systems/content that was close to, or completely finished when cut? I think promotional material mentioned gang companions in free-roam- what happened to those?” Cultur_Strawberry responded:

“We weren’t given the time to make them interact with the environment believably. they ended up just melding into the background and helping you in case of a fight.”

All of what Cultur_Strawberry said couldn’t ring truer in that a person did an AI test and fulfills what this alleged ex-Rockstar employee (that leans on the left side of the political spectrum) had to say. Here are two videos by YouTuber Jedijosh920 testing AI companions:

Fast forward to September 27th, 2019 and website had the chance to interview lead online production associate Katie Pica. Here’s what Pica had to say when asked about single-player DLC:

“We’re 100% focused on online right now, because like I said, there’s just so much to do, and we’re just hoping to bring everything that a player can love about single-player into the online world, and fleshed out.”

The online producer Tarek Hamad chimed in and explained:

“We’ve said it before, but we all love single-player games, and Red Dead Redemption 2’s absolutely massive story and equally massive epilogue are hopefully evidence of that.


The team’s ambitions for Red Dead Redemption 2 were sky high in every way, and when we are building worlds of that scale, the single-player experience almost always leads the way. Our ambitions for our online games are just as high, and with Red Dead Online we are continuing to build and expand to match the world we created for Red Dead Redemption 2’s story, not just with the roles but other activities, new random events, characters to meet, new ways to engage with the world and further inhabit your character, as well as trying to improve the overall experience.”

While some of the removed dark and interesting content that Cultur_Strawberry claims were in Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode remains a mystery, what is a fact is that Red Dead Online is a profitable piece for Rockstar and its parent company.

So that’s it, folks. If you are looking for more single-player DLC, you are out of luck — which is to no one’s surprise. As of now, Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now across PS4 and Xbox One.


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