Reports And Videos Claim Gears 5 Is Glitchy And Has Server Issues

Gears 5 is out now, well the Ultimate Edition launched on September 6th, while the Standard Edition of the game will release worldwide on September 10th. In other words, the PC and Xbox One family of consoles have access to the third-person shooter via Xbox Game Pass or the Ultimate Edition. Well, two days before the Standard Edition goes live players have met a myriad of bugs along the way.

Whether or not you’ve opted to pick up Gears 5, there is no denying that the game has issues. A quick defense that many will play is, “Gears isn’t officially out yet, so bugs are expected!” However, these bugs are present in a $60 plus game that sells a $10 thumbs up emote.

The interesting thing about Gears 5’s bugs is that they’re being called out by avid fans of the series or people that genuinely love the fifth installment. In other words, the bug complaints aren’t coming from “haters” or those lurking to diss the game.

Instead, the people calling the title out — which is two days out from releasing to the world — are people much like the following YouTuber that experience single-player bugs such as failed saves, falling through the floor, and objectives/prompts not working:

The single-player isn’t the only thing that holds frustrating bugs for some players. It seems as if the co-op mode has it bad, too. The following video reveals how the checkpoint save is never finished, how the players cannot pick up weapons, and how the second-player can not get in the next room:

The second video is yet another co-op issue, but this time it’s not local. In this scenario, the pair keep glitching through the wall insofar that the glitch is replicable, in turn rendering them stuck.

I should point out that it’s understandable when a game launches and then a hoard of players bog down the servers to the point the game is unplayable. Except, the game has been out for two and a half days, and server issues persist in multiplayer modes as seen by the following YouTuber:

Besides server issues, progress not saving, and interactive spots not working, there is the famous falling through the floor bug. The below video demonstrates that it’s not a rare problem in the current build of Gears 5:

Reddit user FillionMyMind — a fan of Xbox and a Gears series fan — took to r/Games to write the following:

“Other than the MCC, I haven’t played a game on Xbox One that’s buggier than Gears 5 is, and I can’t believe that it was allowed to be released like this. Here’s a summary of my experience with this game so far.


I tried hopping into some multiplayer on launch day, but couldn’t get the game to work all day. Every time I searched for a game, it hard crashed back to the dashboard, kicked me back to the main menu after a long wait time, or allowed me to search indefinitely while no games were found. After an hour of this, I gave up and decided to try the next day.


On day 2, I was at least able to play some matches, but the game wouldn’t go more than a few minutes without something breaking.


  • I had to regularly invite my friend back to my game because it kept kicking him out of each match halfway through.
  • We couldn’t play more than one or two games in a row for the most part without the game crashing back to the main menu (that blue Cog symbol is the new blue screen of death as far as I’m concerned).
  • The one social session we found that DID allow us to play consecutive games was bugged in its own way, because it wouldn’t allow anyone to join in progress, so four of our five games consisted of us two fighting one other person, with the rest being filled out by bots.
  • Even during matches where we weren’t immediately split up, there was a CONSTANT feed of players joining and quitting, which more than likely means that they’re getting disconnected too.
  • When I tried to solo queue later that night, I wasn’t able to see a post game results screen, and as far as I can tell I wasn’t credited with any XP or progress for those two matches.


I don’t even want to touch the campaign, Horde, or Escape until it gets in a playable state at this point. I have two friends who have been trying to play the campaign on PC, but they weren’t able to get co-op to work, so one of them decided to play on his own. So far, he’s found that surround sound is broken unless he uses Dolby Atmos headphones, he’s fallen through the floor and been met with crashes multiple times, it isn’t saving his collectibles, and he’s getting spammed with notifications about how he “can’t connect to the Gears of War services”, despite the fact that he’s playing single player.”

Later in FillionMyMind’s post, he would bring up Gears 5’s microtransactions or live service practices being unpleasant. Like clockwork, the above Reddit user faced backlash like there’s no tomorrow:


As for fixes for some of the glitches, people suggest to discount and play offline or try this wizard work by YouTuber Bass:

While the devs aim to fix the game, Gears 5 is out now for PC and Xbox One users. The Standard Edition will go live on September 10th, 2019.