Rod Fergusson Wants To Expand The “Gears” Series Into Comics And Movies

In a recent interview, the Hollywood Reporter was able to catch up with The Coalition studio head and creative director, Rod Fergusson, and get his take on what gamers and fans can expect from the franchise moving forward. Well, it looks like comics and movies are on Fergusson’s bucket list.

In case you don’t know Fergusson’s background, I think a refresher isn’t out of the equation. Firstly, he’s the self-hating white guy that said during E3 2019 that actor Rahul Kohli was cast to play as the middle-eastern soldier Fahz because of the following:

“Fahz was really, like… Fahz was inspired, you know… – one of the things I really believe in is that in order to get diverse characters you have to strive for diversity. Like diversity just doesn’t happen, especially from the creative mind of a middle-aged white guy. Like that just doesn’t happen, right?”

With that up and out, I bet you now know what’s in store for Gears comic and moviegoers, right? Anyway, publication site had the opportunity to catch up with Fergusson and asked him about The Coalition’s stride and journey with the Gears series. Here’s what Fergusson had to say:

“We began this journey with Gears of War 4 and now I feel that we’ve hit our stride of Gears 5. Part of my mission since 2014 has been, how do I grow the franchise and bring it back? Epic put it on the shelf to essentially die, so Microsoft brought it back. Not only are we trying to bring it back, we want to grow and flourish.”

Speaking of growing and flourishing, there is also the upcoming spinoff title Gears Tactics, an RTS game based on the series’ universe, a “series” of comics, a second novel installment, and a movie that is in the works (with the help of Universal Studios), which Fergusson says he meets with producers to discuss the script for said film.

I’m not sure if the movie will see the light of day, but here’s what Fergusson had to say about the above:

“The buzzword everyone hates is ‘transmedia’. To me, there’s a credibility to being outside just the game. There’s something about having an opportunity for loyal fans to get deeper into the world and see this thing is everywhere, not just one place.”

The game that’s against the depiction of smoking and that also happens to feature agitprop flags is out now across PC via Steam, the Windows 10 store, and the Xbox family of consoles.