Sandy Hook Promise Propaganda Tries To Scare Kids Before Going Back To School
Back to School Propaganda

The Sandy Hook Promise non-profit organization released a new promotional ad that works as anti-gun, fear-mongering propaganda as kids prep to head back to school this fall. The minute-long ad starts off innocent enough, but then quickly devolves into the typical kind of imagery you would expect coming from Establishment media.

The video starts with some kids talking about some of the new back-to-school gear they received for the start of the fall semester. New binders, new headphones, new shoes. But then the celebrations start becoming frantic, panicked even, as the kids go from jolly and appreciative to scared and terrified. The clip ends with a little black girl in a bathroom stall crying as she tweets “I love you” to her mother before presumably being gunned down by a mass shooter.

As is typical with most forms of propaganda, the video’s comments were disabled along with the ratings.

This is a typical tactic by the Sandy Hook Promise YouTube channel, which silences and censors anyone from being able communicate communicate or speak out against the propaganda.

To no one’s surprise the Washington Post was there to prop up the ad, but also revealed some of the donors and advocates standing behind the piece, writing…

“The campaign is expanding beyond print and digital to include radio and outdoor advertising, according to Adweek. The ad is expected to receive a signal boost from $2 million in donated media placements from media organizations such as the AMC theater chain, Condé Nast and CNN, the New York Times reports. Democratic presidential candidates including Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.), Andrew Yang and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock have shared the PSA with their Twitter followers.”

InStyle was another outlet there to prop up the ad, calling it “unforgettable”.

The site backs the message of the ad, noting that parents need to be more involved with kids and look for warning signs to enact prevention, writing…

“The point of the ad, produced by BBDO and filmed at a school in Los Angeles, is that children shouldn’t have to be our first-responders. Adults should be way more active in this conversation; letting the kids have their cool, new skateboards or first cell phones (that part of the ad should stay with anyone who sees it). On the Sandy Hook Promise website, there are research-backed warning signs of self harm or being a danger to others, which often appear before anyone wields a gun. Learning these signs, and talking about them, can mean all the difference. It can mean, like those back-to-school socks, life or death.”

What they don’t talk about is psychotropic drugs, bottled medicine that creates instability, broken homes, missing fathers, abusive mothers, single-parent households, and the constant overbearing appearance of anti-white male propaganda peddled by the very same outlets condemning the gun violence they help perpetuate.

Thankfully, not every media outlet out there is as bad as the ones that keep our society divided. Hot Air was quick to condemn the ad as “exploitation”, writing…

“The problem with the PSA, though, is it is the latest example of exploiting children in order to deliver a political message from adults. It is meant to shock the viewer and uses school kids talking about new school supplies to do so. […]


“[…] It comes off as child exploitation. Just as the climate change extremists are using children to push their political agenda, the gun grabbers are doing the same with this type of action. Sandy Hook Promise is using child actors to strike fear into parents and students in order to begin conversations about school shootings. It strikes me as being in the vein of shock jock radio – just grab the attention of the audience with crude or exploitive language, or in this case, visuals of children in harm’s way. “

Well said.

The media has also been attempting to use Todd Phillips’ Joker film as a vehicle to create hysteria over possible theater shootings, all while indulging in anti-incel rhetoric.

Don’t expect the propaganda to end anytime soon. The best thing for courageous parents to do is disengage their kids from social media as much as possible, (especially Twitter) and shield them from the Establishment’s attempt to brainwash them into becoming drones for propagandists.

(Thanks for the news tip Rob Far)


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