Session, Realistic Skateboarding Sim Enters Early Access On Steam

The extreme sports genre has basically died out over the years. Oversaturation, lack of innovation, and corporate greed drove the genre into the gutter, and franchises to the brink of extinction. Well, indie studio Crea-ture Studios is attempting to revive the extreme sports genre with their crowdfunded title Session. The game was successfully financed by the gaming community, and now the first public version of the game has been made available via Early Access on Steam.

The Early Access version of the game carries a $19.99 price tag over on the Steam store.

The current iteration of the game requires a gamepad or controller to play, given that the controllers are specifically mapped to certain buttons and precision movements made with the analog sticks and triggers.

The control scheme hasn’t been the most favored feature of the game and a lot of people have complained about how “awkward” they are, but others have stated that it just takes time to get acclimated to Crea-ture’s setup.

If you can get a handle on the control scheme, then you’ll be greeted with a 1:1 scaled recreation of New York’s lower Manhattan, which includes the Brooklyn Banks and the Financial District.

In addition to pulling off tricks around the map, there’s also a fully featured in-game video editor that allows players to edit and splice together footage to create some neat video montages of their tricks and stunts. You can then save the videos, upload them to YouTube, or share them with your friends.

They have plans on expanding the the map, including more areas to explore and additional updates implemented throughout the design process based on community feedback.

If all goes as planned you can expect the full version of Session to be made available anywhere between three and six months from now.

You can learn more about this new skateboarding sim by visiting the Steam store page or checking out the official website.


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