Street Fighter 5 Mod Puts Poison In Monster Princess Do-S’ Dominatrix Outfit
Street Fighter V Poison Monster Princess

If you enjoyed the dominatrix outfit that Monster Princess Do-S sports in One Punch Man, then you’ll probably be extra excited to find out that there’s a mod available for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition that puts Poison in the Monster Princess sexy latex getup.

Modder addysun recently released the mod for the public to download from over on

The mod sees Poison in the eye-catching latex attire worn by Monster Princess. The dominatrix themed bikini ensemble barely covers Poison’s naughty bits while leather straps hold the whole thing together like Spanx trying to keep celebrity cottage cheese all wrapped up.

You can see how the outfit looks in the game with some real-time gameplay footage provided by Chronoxiong Gaming.

There’s an asymmetric design to the outfit, with a faux-ripped design for the left arm and right leg, while the right arm has a studded armband and the left leg has a matching studded dual-thigh band with a thigh-high boot.

The entire outfit oozes sex appeal, the sort of thing that would never make it past Square Enix’s Ethics Department or Sony’s Censorship Officers if it were real DLC.

Thankfully it’s not real DLC!

Street Fighter V - Poison Monster Do

The outfit comes in a number of colors and is attuned for multiple modes, as explained by addysun…

“Take a look at my first full Poison mod. It’s Monster Princess Do-S from One Punch Man. I think the sadistic dominatrix personality fits Poison reasonably well.


“Whip your opponents into shape today!


“This mod is for the Default Outfit, Story Outfit, Battle Outfit, Nostalgia Outfit, Summer Outfit, and Ad Outfit.”

If you have trouble downloading the file, just remember to visit the DeviatArt page and click on the little download button beneath the image.

The mod only works for the PC version of Street Fighter V, so you’re fresh out of luck if you’re playing on the PS4. Alternatively you can check out the all-in-one Street Fighter V nude mod in case you were looking for something to accommodate your needs beyond dressing up (or dressing down) Poison.


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