The Most Forbidden Love In The World Visual Novel Was Silently Banned From Steam

The Most Forbidden Love In The World

Valve has been banning a number of games from appearing on Steam, but most times people would never know about them unless intrepid gamers scoured updates from the Steam Database app, or developers informed their audience that the title wasn’t coming to Valve’s platform. In the case of The Most Forbidden Love In The World, a romance visual novel from Hermit and MangaGamer, it was one of the staff from the latter that had to inform the general public about it because Valve tried hiding the information as slyly as possible.

The Most Forbidden Love In The World is currently available for purchase over on the MangaGamer store.

The title originally released way back on May 16th, 2019 for PC. The uncensored, R18+ visual never had a chance on Steam, and was outright banned shortly after the base information was submitted.

According to a programmer who works on visual novels at MangaGamer, The Most Forbidden Love In The World had its app ID banned before he could even upload a product image into the database.

In a follow-up tweet, Doddler was informed that custom images could be used to represent library entries, so he jokingly put “Banned” symbols up over the MangaGamer titles that Valve so unceremoniously plucked from out of their software library.

Doddler doesn’t exactly say when The Most Forbidden Love In The World was banned, and since there’s no image in the Steam Database app, there’s no way to know which depot it belongs to or what the AppID is. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

This is done so that people have less information to work with when it comes to reporting on what gets banned from Steam and why.

Sometimes developers don’t even know exactly why their game is singled out and banned, like in the case of Monster Mashing Deluxe, where Valve purposely withheld any definitive rules that would allow them to adapt the product to the company’s requirements.

A few studios became savvy to Valve’s game and decided to avoid releasing any R18+ games on Steam at all. Kagura Games, for instance, wisely stopped releasing uncensored or R18+ versions of their games on Steam and only opted to release all-ages, completely safe titles on the platform. They then provide uncensored patches or R18+ patches on their official website, this way they stay within the unannounced curation restrictions of Valve’s taste police, but at the same time they still provide gamers with exactly what hey want.

Now this isn’t the case for all games.

Sometimes Valve will allow uncensored games on their platform. It’s almost guaranteed that any gay-furry game with R18+ content will make it through Valve’s curation process without a hiccup, as evidenced with school-based sex-sims like Dirty Education, or BDSM-rape fantasies like Naked Butlers, or bestiality dating VNs like Morningdew Farms.

Hetero-equivalent visual novels with R18+ content are almost universally banned or indefinitely delayed when it comes time to release on Steam. Heck, even some all-ages visual novels have been banned Steam.

In any case, while some of MangaGamer’s titles have been banned from Steam, you can still pick up all of their games with the R18+ content intact from the MangaGamer store page.

(Thanks for the news tip Doraggon)