The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 And Season 3 Production Confirmed
The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

Despite all the whining and pearl clutching emanating from Western media about The Rising Of The Shield Hero, it turned out to be a rather popular anime with actual anime fans. Like all popular media, the production company sees money in keeping the series going, and so at the Crunchyroll Expo, Kadokawa announced that Season 2 and Season 3 for The Rising Of The Shield Hero is currently in production.

The news was originally announced at the Crunchyroll Expo during a stage presentation, but was quickly disseminated throughout social media.

In case you can’t read moon runes, the official English version of The Rising Of The Shield Hero account also reported on the news, showcasing a picture from the conference that confirmed that Season 2 is coming… along with Season 3.

They also shared the first teaser image from the second season.

The news is significant because anti-anime activists were keen on trying to smear the good name of The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Western outlets intent on trying to infiltrate anime with politics and propaganda tried to paint a picture of the show as being “misogynistic” over covering the false rape allegations featured in the first episode, with Anime News Network and Anime Feminist basically doing hit-pieces against the show. This is despite the fact that recent unsubstantiated allegations have led to a man’s death, highlighting how dangerous unfounded remarks can be.

Hilariously enough, the Kadokawa producers had no idea that propagandists in the West were screeching about the content and completely ignored all of the hoopla, much to the delight of real anime fans.

You can look for the second and third seasons of The Rising Of The Shield Hero to make their appearance on Crunchyroll.

(Thanks for the news tip NoriyukiWorks and Mugen Tenshin)


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