The Sims 4 Muslim Update Sees EA Censoring Forum Threads From Discussing Religion

Sims 4 Muslims

Electronic Arts forced a base game update for The Sims 4 that adds Muslim clothes and building parts to the game. However, if you attempt to air your displeasure in the forums about them forcing your version of The Sims 4 to include Muslim clothing and items, the threads are closed because it violates EA’s rule about not discussing religion or politics in the forums.

Yes, Electronic Arts forced added in controversial religious items in the game that – in real life – actively practices misogyny against women and kills LGBTQIA+ people, but you’re not allowed to discuss that in the forums.

This is what indoctrination looks like.

It started with the announcement thread on September 5th, 2019 over on The Sims official forums.

In no uncertain terms, SimGuruRomeo wrote…

“To help even more of our players express themselves and create Sims that are relevant to their everyday lives, we’ve introduced a set of Muslim-inspired clothing and architecture.” detailed the clothing and architecture with screenshots, showcasing the adult female hijab, the male kufi, the female child traditional dress, and the male child shirt, along with the various Muslim-inspired doors, windows, and arches.

Quite naturally plenty of people were incensed about the inclusion of the hijab in The Sims since it’s a symbol of oppression for a lot of women in Middle-Eastern nations.

Some people attempted to express their disdain for Electronic Arts foisting this update on players in the official forums, but the threads were repeatedly locked.

In a thread title “EA Hypocrisy of Diversity of Religion”, Horrorgirl6 wrote…

“Lets me make this clear.I’m Christian ,,and simmer. Ea policy was that they were not going to put religion stuff in the game. Because they didn’t want to see that they favor one religion to another. But today they show an update. Which said it was Muslim inspire clothes . Let s get this out of way. Muslim is a religion.That means they made clothing that muslims waer. Meaning they did what they said they wouldn’t do . Muslim is not a secular culture, it s a religion. If they made it to say Middle eastern clothing. Than that would be non hyprocritical.


“So why are we kinda upset ? Well im proably never going to get same treatment.I would love to have crosses in the game . I would love to have smething that have my sims go to a rabbit hole worhip service.. Who knows maybe i’m wrong,and Ea will give us inspire religouse items to all our religions. [sic]”

After just two pages, the forum moderator hopped in to put an end to people discussing the religious items that EA and Maxis added to the game.

So just to be clear: EA added religious items to The Sims 4. Users are being censored for expressing their disappointment in EA’s hypocrisy of adding religious items to the game, even though they said they wouldn’t add religious items to the game, which is why there is no Buddhist or Christian iconography in the game, yet they added Muslim garb and architecture to the game.

YouTuber mirta000 even pointed out how ridiculous this whole affair has been, making a short video about company’s censorship of any kind of criticism aimed at their decision to add religious paraphernalia to The Sims 4.

As I said at the top of the article, this is what propaganda looks like. This is what indoctrination looks like. This is what brainwashing looks like.

Obviously, there are many, many threads and comments about the hijab and Muslims and The Sims 4 being used as a vehicle for (more) agitprop. However, some users were curious if the patch to the base game meant that normal Sims generated by the AI would be forced to wear hijabs around town, which was something that many gamers were opprobrious about.

Well, moderator Mai chimed in to answer a question about whether the Muslim pack was going to be part of the base game or would be treated like a holiday pack in one of the many threads. According to Mai, the Muslim pack is embedded into the base game, but the developers did not force the AI to populate players’ towns with hijab-wearing Sims.

In the forum thread, Mai stated the following…

The thing is, even if Sims aren’t forced to wear hijabs, the immersion-breaking reality of having one religion represented in a significant way within the game while others aren’t is quite telling.

Gamers angry at this very one-sided piece of agitprop being pushed by EA and Maxis are being silenced on the forums so that the inculcation and normalization for this kind of religious imagery goes through unchallenged.

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