The Surge 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

The Surge 2 Walkthrough

Deck13 Interactive’s The Surge 2 has rolled out in all its janky glory, replete with some of the most hideous character creation templates you’ll find this side of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Nevertheless, if you needed a little bit of guiding light to help you make your way through the early goings of the post apocalyptic wasteland, there are some walkthrough guides available.

The first walkthrough comes courtesy of TheRadBrad, who takes you through the first 40 minutes of the game, which covers the prologue chapter.

The entire game itself is around 10 hours long, so you can beat it in just a couple of sessions that total a few hours each sitting.

After a short cinematic, you can then create your character from a limited selection of male or female presets that allow you to modify the skin, face shape, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and ears. Facial hair is pretty awful. There are no stubble options for the men, either.

Once you get done creating your character another short cinematic will play.

You’ll wake up in a medical lab and have to retrieve a lab key from the corner of the room behind the curtain.

You’ll be given a tutorial as you play through the prologue. The controls mostly stay the same as they were from the first game.

The Surge 2 - Nitro Boss

How To Play

The right bumper and right trigger are to perform horizontal and vertical attacks. The left bumper is to block incoming attacks.

When an enemy is weak enough, you can use Square on the DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to cut the weapon from their hands.

Press in the right thumbstick to lock onto targets. Press the left trigger to switch targets.

Press Square on the PS4’s DualShock or ‘X’ on the Xbox One controller to interact with objects, pick up objects, and activate items.

Press ‘X’ on the DualShock to sprint or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller to sprint.

Make your way through the corridors and out through the cell block.

Make your way through the halls until you fall through the hole in the floor and you appear on the ground level.

Kill the prisoners on the ground floor.

After you kill the enemies make your way up the steps.

There’s a side-quest involving a guy locked in his cell. You can only open the door part way due to being too weak. You’ll have to come back for him later. Head through the door and fight the boss, Nitro.

You’ll need to use your vertical attacks on Nitro to weaken and kill him. Time your attacks and wait for an opening to attack.

Nitro’s defeat will reward you with Officer Johnson’s keycard. You’ll be able to access the MedBay from there.

The Surge 2- Benjamin Burke

Make your way back to Benjamin Burke’s cell and after upgrading your character you’ll be able to open his cell and he’ll inform you about what happened at the CREO corporation’s headquarters, as well as how the outside world is tearing itself apart with riots and violence, very much like what’s happening in Sweden, Germany, and France due to the influx of inhumane migrants.

After talking to Burke you’ll receive Benjamin’s keycard.

You’ll need to find the Starfish EMP to break the magnetic lock before being able to proceed through the health station doors at the first floor.

Before you can get through there you need to make your way through the door located in the JCPD Armory.

Make your way through the evidence room and head upstairs; grab some additional scraps so you can upgrade your character. Proceed down the stairs and open the door so you can head back to the JCPD Armory or move forward.

The Surge 2 - Nano Worm

Take the upgrade and proceed into the next room where you’ll need to fight Warden Garcia.

Try to stay close to him and dodge his melee attacks while you wail on his right arm.

Use the left analog and the sprint button to evade his attacks.

If you whittle down Garcia’s arm enough you’ll have a choice of cutting off his arm.

Upstairs you’ll be able to retrieve a girl’s toy from the chest along with a drone.

The drone can be deployed by targeting an enemy with the right thumbstick and then pressing Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller.

Outside of the prison you’ll meet Brother Truman. He’ll inform you that there’s a shelter just under the giant octopus.

Make your way through the alley and through the streets – kill the enemies along the way. You’ll also learn how to perform a backstab by sneaking up behind someone and pressing the right bumper.

Rubhen925 also has a playlist for The Surge 2, playing it on the PS4 Pro. You can check out his walkthrough below.

After you clear out the guys in the alley, head to your right. Continue to clear out the stragglers – there’s a gate that leads to a MedBay where you can upgrade your character. Alternatively, you can keep heading right and there’s a box you can bust through that leads to more enemies. Kill them and they’ll drop a keycard to the JCPD building.

You can use the keycard to access the main entryway into the building.

If you actually want to progress, head across the bridge to the canal back alleys after killing the main guarding the bridge.

The back alleys will lead you through some buildings.

Kill the enemies and head across the partially submerged pipes, which will take you back up to River Street.

The pipes lead to an elevator that will take you to a series of makeshift scaffolding. Follow the path until it lead you back to the JCPD back alley. It might seem circular, but it will open up pathways that will allow you further access to the city.

Be sure to upgrade your character and then make your way up across the scaffolding, which will take you to All Saints Blvd. There’s a switch you can press on the gate that will open up the pathway so you can easily reach All Saints Blvd., from the Downtown Jericho checkpoint.

There’s an echo profile you can examine along with some new upgrades you can grab.

Head down the steps past the Jericho Seaside Court arch, and make your way through Welder’s Block. Take out the revenge enemy goons.

There are multiple enemies down there you’ll need to take out.

In one of the alleys there’s a couple of dudes with guns and a dual-wielder. If you can kill them there’s a cellular regenerator mod in the chest.

From the alleyway you can make your way outside and across a bridge that will lead you to the Seaside Court.

Alternatively, if you go down the street of All Saints Blvd, just past the alley that leads to Seaside Court, there’s a Shady Doctor in an alley to the left from the armored checkpoint. He has a side-quest for you where if you complete it it will open up access to a med bay.

Feeling frisky? If you have the upgrades and the cajones, you can take on the enemies at the checkpoint on All Saints Blvd.

Otherwise head through the Seaside Court door to enter into the non-combat zone.

You can pick up some side-quests from characters like Molly Fox, as well as consumables and gear from shop owners.

When you get done shopping go talk to Brother Eli.

Eli will give you a mission to deal with Little Johnny in Port Nixon.

If you choose to accept the mission you’ll receive a port key to access Port Nixon. Use the key on the door on the bottom floor to access Port Nixon.

Head down the ramp and kill the spiders and stragglers. You might want to use your drone to take out the spiders, since they discharge an EMP blast when they get close to you.

Make your way up and around the rooftops using the pipes and it will lead you to a MedBay in Port Nixon.

The path from here is quite linear since you won’t be able to access the other parts of the port until you unlock the grappling hook. Make your way through the dilapidated buildings and take out the guardian. You’ll meet up with Mortimer Gideon The Third, who will inform you how to get to Terminal Z.

Mortimer will inform you that if you want to face off against a bunch of enemies on your way to Terminal Z, take the main street. If you want to avoid a fight, you can use the side streets to get around to Terminal Z.

If you head through the Residential Back Alleys to avoid fighting all the enemies on the Port Nixon Throughway, be warned that you’ll need to use stealth to get through.

You can actually repeatedly perform backstab attacks on an enemy if you do it one at a time. If you take out the enemies one at a time you’ll be able to get through fairly easy. However, if you’re loud you’ll attract multiple enemies and they’ll kill you rather quickly.

Kill the enemies in the water and then make your way up the steps. The makeshift archway will take you across the throughway and into more back alleys.

Alternatively, there’s another doorway inside the water where if you open it up you’ll encounter Penny inside. She has a side-quest for you to repair her freezing chamber. If you help her repair it you’ll gain access to her special wares. If you get the item for her she will lure you into her grinder trap and kill you.

Continue across the pathways until you reach an enemy carrying what looks like an electrified tennis racket.

Head down the steps to the Flooded Grounds.

There’s an echo in the corner you can watch.

Proceed across the submerged rooftops where the enemies are located until you reach the alley that leads to the aqueduct with some toxic barrels littering the area.

There’s a pathway that leads over the toxic sludge – you’ll see on the far left side a service tunnel. Go through it.

Kill the enemies inside and take the grav lift up to the next level. Kill the enemies, cross the bridge and proceed through the Ship Graveyard.

Head around the railing and open the cage with the little EMP spiders inside. Use the terminal on the opposite side of the cage controls to direct the spiders to the P.A.X., to disable it and turn it offline.

Make your way back down to the lower street level where the disabled P.A.X., is located.

Head up the ramp to the Terminal Z – Outer Court.

This will take you down to the Lower Flooded Grounds and open up access to the MedBay at the start of the level once you gain access to the grav-elevator.

Follow the path through the Lower Flooded Levels toward an access hatch and it will lead you through the Terminal Z-Salvage Deck.

Take out the foes in the area and head up the steps and there’s a short cinematic that will play between
Matriarch Celeste and Little Johnny.

Break open the boxes in the next room and run along the service pipes to gain easy access back to the MedBay.

Proceed up the makeshift ramp into the arena to fight Little Johnny.


Little Johnny has some unorthodox attacks.

The objective is to wait and block his left and right attacks and then wait for him to perform his center attack with the mass of his body and and then time it to block just as he attacks so you can stun him and then attack the batteries on the main torso.

Once the two torso pieces are destroyed, Johnny will start spewing green sludge from the robot’s intake receptacle… otherwise known as his robo-anus.

Wait for Johnny to do his left/right/center attack and counter attack when he performs the third attack and begin to attack his two front arms.

Careful, when he loses one of his arms he will spew out some sewage with mines attached. You’ll need to dodge the mines while also avoiding his standard attacks.

You’ll also need to attack the batteries on his legs. They’re red and glowing – wait for him to stabilize and then focus on one battery at a time on each of his three tentacles.

Keep Johnny fighting until he overheats and blows up. You’ll unlock the EMP-44 Starfish for your efforts.

Make your way back to the Port Nixon Throughway and Brother Eli will be waiting for you.

Make sure you upgrade your character before fighting Eli, who will betray you.

When you kill Eli you’ll unlock another echo.

Exit the Nixon Port and make your way back to Seaside Court.

Talk to Declan at Eli’s chapel and he’ll direct you to the decommissioned tunnels under the city.

Talk to Jordan and ask her about the hunt. Tell her to get out of your way and you’ll be able to head back to Downtown Jericho.

Make your way back to the sewer access where the magnetic lock is located and use the EMP Starfish to open the door, which will take you to the underground.

Talk to the Stranger, he’ll have a side-quest for you.

He’ll require you to bring him some A.I.D., gear pieces you craft or acquire.

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