Trials Of Mana TGS 2019 Videos Spotlight Class Changing And Boss Fight

Square Enix at Tokyo Game Show 2019 has showcased a lot of Trials of Mana gameplay. In-game footage reveals the act of class changing, parts of the Volcanic Island Beuca, as well a boss fight.

If you are unaware, in the OG version of Trials of Mana you can class change upon reaching a certain level or obtaining a special item later in the game. As per the forthcoming remake, you can still do the same act of class changing, and we see the Valkyrie princess having the same options as before, where one of the two paths is wearing a sexy leotard.

YouTuber Bambooshoots Game captured highlights of Trials of Mana TGS 2019 presentation:

If you want to see how the camera follows characters out in the wild, or if you want to see how battles operate, the following video has you covered. Additionally, sections of the Volcanic Island Beuca is on display for the curious:

I should point out that there are load screens now. In the OG version, a black screen would be on display for a couple of seconds before going to the next segment. Now, around eight seconds of load time is a thing.

It’s unclear if the final version will cut load times down, but I’m sure some won’t find this as a problem.

Anyway, Dolan — one of the many bosses in Trials of Mana — is on display. This giant boss posses as a formidable adversary and can be just as dangerous as frame drops seen in the video:

If you are excited to see the 1995 JRPG come to life with some gameplay changes, early next year has you covered.

Although the game isn’t in the clear yet given “game journos” and the PS4 are a form of a test trial, the game in its current build is unscathed and will launch for PC via Steam, PS4, and Switch on April 24th, 2020.