Villa Party I Launches On Nutaku After Being Banned From Steam
Villa Party I

Universal Game Studio’s Villa Party I is currently available over on the Nutaku store page for $19.99. The game was originally supposed to launch on Steam back during the summer but Valve banned the game. Why? Well, it’s suspected that it could have been due to the main character, Richie, being a shota.

For the Nutaku release, Universal Game Studio decided to go in the opposite direction with Richie, changing him from a little boy to an adult male with a punk-rock getup and Gothic face paint.

You can see what Richie looks like in the new trailer below.

In the Nutaku version of the game Richie is a “special man” from Florida who holds a special party event at his lavish mansion.

The concept of the game stays the same as the pitch for the Villa Party that was supposed to launch on Steam back in May. Richie invites multiple men and women to his party, where you drink, have fun, and attempt to bang the hot chicks there, and watch some Skyrim monster mods have their way with uncanny valley models.

In the original Villa Party it was portrayed as far less bizarre and more in line with Eek! Games’ House Party. You can check out the original trailer below for comparison’s sake.

Even though the game was unceremoniously banned from Steam, you can experience it on Nutaku, which features 13 different characters to interact with, more than 40 different uncensored animated H-scenes. Multiple choices, extra bonus scenes you can unlock, four secret machines that offer you unique experiences, and various toys and clothing to help set the mood.

It’s weird because this game seems designed for VR support yet there doesn’t appear to be any mention of support for VR headsets. Then again, if it wasn’t banned from Steam they probably would have considered VR support.

Anyway, you can pick up a digital copy of Villa Party I from over on the Nutaku store page.


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