Weekly Recap Sept 21st: United Nations To Enact A Lolicaust, YouTube Fetishizes De-Verification
Weekly Recap

Clown World continues to morph out of the little blue ball that used to be known as planet Earth, and into a comical sphere where the most retarded, degenerate things happen that could otherwise only exist within the confines of the most absurd fiction. Yet, it’s not fiction… it’s real.

For instance, in Clown World the United Nations – an organization that has become notoriously infamous in recent years for raping African kids for some bizarre reason – is now targeting lolis in Japanese media and video games. They want to enact a lolicaust, and they’re trying to get as many member States to join on board. The sad part about it is that only three member States actively spoke up against banning lolis, and it was the U.S., Japan, and Austria.

Meanwhile, YouTube has taken up a fetish with de-verifying some of their most prominent users, as well as preventing new users from getting verified. Why? Because they only want fat-headed celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel to be verified on their platform, and Xenu-worshiping Scientologists like Will Smith creating content for them.

These honk-worthy stories and more in this September 21st, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Rooster Teeth Lays Off 13% Of Staff

It appears as if Rooster Teeth isn’t doing all that well financially and have laid off 13% of their staff. This comes after rumors of a previous set of layoffs that occurred back in March of this year. And speaking of retiring… Discord is retiring their Nitro Games subscription collection because no one was playing the games provided in the subscription. Quantic Dream’s creative director David Cage has been ruminating on making smaller, shorter titles moving forward, which means that he might end up actually making interactive movies that are about as long as movies. And there’s a new mode introduced for Final Fantasy VII Remake that’s themed around but not quite a turn-based mode where players will select the commands for the characters and the CPU will automatically battle for you, almost like an active-time battle mode.


Cultist Simulator Devs Bite Back Against #MeToo Accusations

Alexis Kennedy and his partner have fired back against the #MeToo crowd, who have been harassing and pelting Kennedy much like they did with Alec Holowka after spurious accusations were levied at the indie developer. Instead of committing suicide, though, Kennedy and his partner have been holding their ground, but how long will they be able to hold out? A fan-service heavy new hack-and-slash game from Tamsoft was announced called Hinomaruko, it’s a mixture of Senran Kagura meets Metal Gear Solid. MidWest FurFest decided to permanently ban Milo Yiannopoulos from any future events, making it clear that they obviously don’t like gay Jewish Conservatives who date black men. And on the subject of cancel culture, two people were victims of the Left’s outrage parades, including Shane Gillis who was fired from Saturday Night Live for making jokes the Left deemed “offensive”, and Free Software Foundation president, Richard Stallman, who was on the end of a Twitter-mob campaign to pressure him to step down from both FSF and MIT.


U.N. Still Targets The Lolis

They’re obsessed with lolis at this point. The United Nations is still targeting loli and shota content in anime, manga and video games. Their most recently revised version of their proposal to protect children from sexual exploitation still included encouragement for member States to seek to ban lewd material involving non-existing characters that could be perceived as children. SJWs targeted Nerdette’s NewsStand, doxing her in hopes of getting her to stop making anti-SJW content after she took Zoe Quinn to task. Twitch temporarily banned BeesOnMyHeadTV because he was shot at and carjacked. A former BioWare developer, David Gaider, has formed a brand new studio called Sumemrfall, which is going to be based in Australia. And IGN’s staff are currently stirring outrage over the white phosphorus or “Willie Pete” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


YouTube De-Verifies YouTubers Who Aren’t Celebrities

YouTube recently updated their community guidelines and informed YouTubers that they were changing the verification process starting in October. However, they’re also retroactively de-verifying longtime YouTubers. The only way you can get verified now is to become “prominent” outside of YouTube. Steam banned the visual novel The Most Forbidden Love In The World. The real story here, though, is that we don’t even know when they banned it! Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra is more Left-wing propaganda, highlighting “toxic” masculinity. And movie critics have taken to dogging Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood because it’s masculine and he kills a bunch of perverted Mexican sex traffickers. Yes, we’re at a point where movie critics are defending sex traffickers in order to diminish the role of straight white men in media.


Muslims And Women Get Trolled By The Truth

Some Edgelord managed to drop a Culture War napalm bomb on Muslims and women in the form of a few fliers that read “Islam is RIGHT About Women”, which caused mass triggering in the small town of Winchester, Massachusetts. Muslims were offended, women were outraged, and normal people got a good laugh out of the whole ordeal. The Star Trek: Discovery plagiarism lawsuit ended, but not in favor of the indie dev who was working on Tardigrades. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary decided to get extra woke by adding an entry for “They” specifically for “non-binary” people. It’s finally been revealed how much Epic paid for exclusivity of Control, revealing that they pumped out $10.4 million to keep the game exclusive for a year. And sadly, Adland.tv has shut down due to a DMCA claim made toward their host provider.


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