Weekly Recap Sept 28th: Joker Under Siege, George Lucas Betrayed, Alex Jones Sues Brianna Wu

Weekly Recap

The United Nations has reportedly been involved in more than 60,000 rapes committed against minors over the course of a decade. This was part of a breakdown in massive unresolved corruption taking place at the U.N., with the exposure coming only from whistleblowers that the U.N., tried to keep buried, as reported by the Free Thought Project.

Sony, however, has teamed up with the U.N., even while these massive instances of corruption have gone unfazed by the arm of justice. The duo partnered up – along with Microsoft – to create an initiative to virtue signal carbon neutral consoles. It’s all pretty pointless in the grand scheme of things, but corrupt organizations trying to look fruitful in the eyes of the plebeian is a good way to cover for the fact that thousands of U.N., aid workers, staffers, officials, and peacekeepers are responsible for raping and molesting countless kids around the world.

These allegations have dated back years, but the United Nations has been keen on burying the story, silencing whistleblowers, and hand-waving away the claims.

It’s not just corruption taking place in one country either, these attacks against children have been happening all over the world by U.N., personnel, as detailed in a 20 minute report by VICE from back in 2018.

Instead of curtailing this unspeakably vile behavior, however, the U.N., is trying to get lolis and shotas banned from anime and video games, while Sony is trying to censor sexy fan-service. It’s a match made in Otaku hell.

Anyway, Todd Phillips’ Joker movie has come under fire from Left-wing activists posing as journalists because they think it’s some sort of incel dog whistle for mass shootings. Warner Bros., rightfully banned the media parasites from even attending the red carpet event for the movie, sparing themselves the unwarranted nuisance of headaches and heartaches brought about by the cancel cultists.

These stories and so much more in this September 28th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

PlayStation Partners With United Nations

Sony has teamed up with the United Nations to peddle the climate change agenda, fueled by Left-wing propagandists, all while completely ignoring and blindly encouraging the United Nations while they rape kids. Speaking of Sony… it looks like the reports about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare not being sold in Russia are true, as Sony is refunding PS4 pre-orders to Russian gamers who laid down their money for the upcoming first-person shooter. The Australian developers from House House decided to virtue signal in their game Untitled Goose Game to talk about politics that have nothing to do with the game itself. Valve is still banning games, this time it’s Onii Kiss: Onii-chan, Where’s My Kiss? from Sol Press. And Super Robot Wars V is coming soon to Steam, but it’s region locked so everybody from the West won’t be able to play it.


SJWs Fail To Review Bomb Heartbeat After Devs Comes Out Against Trans

Social Justice Warriors and ResetEra attempted to propagate a hate-campaign against the developer of Heartbeat by review-bombing the game. However, the cancel cultists failed and gamers came out to support Heartbeat instead, proving that there’s still a modicum of truth, honesty, and honor in the American way. Much like Sony, Microsoft has joined with the United Nations to virtue signal about a carbon neutral console. Even though Nintendo launched the Switch Lite in hopes of luring in more gamers to grab their portable version of the hybrid system, it’s still reportedly plagued with some light drifting issues. In movie news, Commissioner Jim Gordon has been race-swapped in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman film starring Robert Pattinson. The latest trailer for The Last of Us 2 dropped, and it was all about smelly lesbians and violent revenge. Bethesda’s Fallout 76 just can’t catch a break, neither can the people who bought the game because anyone who picked up the limited collector’s edition from GameStop with the replica helmet are being advised to return due to mold.


Alex Jones Sues Brianna Wu

Infowars’ Alex Jones decided to fight back against the Clown World provocateurs who have helped ruin our society by suing them. This includes Brianna Wu, The Young Turks and Mother Jones. Everything we know about Arkham: Court of Owls is collected and combed through by OAG’s newest writer, Kevin. Mattel decided to get woke with gender-neutral dolls in hopes of courting millennial parents, pumping society full of indoctrination through kiddie toys. The military decided to get in on the Woke panic by proclaiming that moviegoers should be wary of incel attacks during the Joker screenings. And Facebook has decided to keep the VR propaganda going with the all new Horizon play scape , which is the next line of Oculus tech that will undoubtedly sit on a digital shelf somewhere and collect untold amounts of physical-free dust.


George Lucas Was Betrayed By Bob Iger

Disney’s Bob Iger bought out Star Wars from George Lucas with the express purpose of using it for subversion and to inculcate the masses with Left-wing propaganda. Unbeknownst to Lucas, this was Disney’s plan all along. He sold out and then – allegedly, according to Iger – Lucas expressed his sense of betrayal. Naughty Dog announced that The Last of Us 2 won’t feature a multiplayer mode, but they did later reveal that they have plans on making an online Factions mode as some sort of standalone game at an undisclosed time at some point in the future. Oh, and the game will be on two Blu-ray discs. In more uplifting news, the voice of Broly from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Vic Mignogna, will be on hand during the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament to present the winner with the award at the closing ceremony on Sunday at the Hawaii Con event.

Joker Director Fires Back At Regressive Leftists

Joker director Todd Phillips took the media to task for being regressive in their attacks on the movie and trying to create a fear-mongering campaign against the movie. Smartly, Warner Bros., made the call to ban press from attending the red carpet event for Joker during the premiere. Valve banned another game from Steam, this time it was the Russian third-person shooter, Girls’ Deadly School, which featured anime girls trying to escape from a school of crazed students. Rockstar has confirmed that Red Dead Redemption 2 will not have any additional single-player content and the game will now focus almost solely on multiplayer content, just like GTA V. Cube World ran into some serious trouble ahead of its Early Access release, with the Steam forums undergoing a nasty case of censorship in order to stifle the speech of critics who had alpha access to the game. House of the Dead 1 and 2 are being remade and will release in 2020 for home consoles and PC. Marvel’s Avengers has undergone a facelift to fix the faces of some of the characters, including Black Widow. And the Democrats had a document featuring a manifesto on how they were going to control social media heading into the 2020 elections.

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