Weekly Recap Sept 7th: The Prescient Ballad Of Alec Holowka’s Suicide At The Cowardly Hands Of Cancel Culture

Weekly Recap

On October 30, 2016, Canadian indie developer Alec Holowka expressed grave paranoia and fear for his life. He wrote feverishly in a Facebook post about the indie clique potentially wanting him dead. Fast forward to August, 2019, and Holowka’s foreboding prescience proved true.

At the nexus of his career’s demise was an allegation that was presented at the virtue signaler’s ball by none other than Zoe Quinn. Her words echoed throughout the social media halls with unquestionable reverb, like an unyielding yowl in a hollow chamber.

It didn’t take long for Cancel Culture’s tendrils to wrap itself around every aspect of Holowka’s already eroding mental state, gripping tight like a spider’s claws digging into a fly trapped in a web of deceit.

For Holowka, everything was over within the blink of an eye.

First his reputation was erased with the quickness of a lightning flash, and then his career. His friends publicly humiliated and castigated him, even after he helped them turn Night In The Woods into the undeserved success that it had become. And finally, Holowka’s own family betrayed what little trust he already didn’t have, leaving him with the only pill he could swallow that had no lasting side-effects… the black pill.

The unflinching truth of his dire situation hit harder than a Mack truck, and it was too much for Alec to bear, too much for his soul to take, and too much for him to face alone. His only resolve to a problem he had no control over was to exit stage left… for good. Holowka bid adieu the harsh reality that had nothing but pain and suffering on the platter of life, and he gave the cowardly community of Cancel Culture the undeserved claimant on his life that they so relentless sought.

Thus, ended the ballad of a developer who had steeped himself in the Left’s regressive religion of identity politics, and he paid the ultimate price for it. A lesson learned and a life lost.

Maybe next time a young upstart will be less inclined to join the cult of cancel.

These stories and so much more in this September 7th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Alec Holowka Commits Suicide After Zoe Quinn’s Allegations Ruined His Life

The big news over the weekend was the suicide of indie developer Alec Holowka, one of the co-developers of Night In The Woods. He had held beliefs that based on past actions and encounters there were people within the indie game scene that wanted him dead. Those beliefs had been festering for some time and were then fostered into a social media post back in 2016. His foreboding portent turned out to be true and Zoe Quinn would lead the charge to eventually push him over the edge into suicide. In lighter news, the Enthusiast Gaming lawsuit against former Escapist editor-in-chief Russ Pitts was finally settled during a pre-trial hearing, and Robert B. Marks managed to come out on top. YouTube is also promising to keep the censorship train rolling while also raising up “certain” voices. Anyone who thought that Google would back down after Trump crawled down their back like a spider in the night, you have another thing coming.


Night In The Woods Forums Censors Any Mention Of Zoe Quinn

The saga for The Night In The Woods and Alec Holowka’s suicide continues, this time with Holowka’s death coming under the hammer of dishonor. This time the moderators on Steam have tried silencing those accusing Zoe Quinn of causing the death of indie developer Alec Holowka. The moderators have attempted to close threads, delete forum posts, and ban certain topics from being discussed. Speaking of forums, ResetEra was not entirely pleased with the minor censorship that befell Catherine: Full body. And on the subject of censorship, a Catholic school in Tennessee decided to ban the Harry Potter books from the library. And while that may not seem like a bad thing, a lot of visual novel fans will probably be bummed to know that Lilith’s Taimanin Asagi has been banned from Steam after Valve originally allowed the visual novel on the platform.


Straight Pride Parade Vs Antifa

AOC continues to top herself in saying asinine things, with her latest spat coming from the Straight Pride Parade event, where she called the attendees “white supremacists”, even though the grand marshal of the event is the gay, Jewish Conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos. Oh, and she promoted a fundraiser for Anitfa. YouTube has continued its censorship purge, this time terminating 17,000 channels. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is still censored even for the Nintendo Switch, and for all the SJWs that say “just go look at porn!” well, you can’t even do that in Australia since they’ve banned it from 7-Eleven stores. BioWare’s Casey Hudson gave gamers an update on the new Dragon Age and Anthem, while Rod Fergusson talked about expanding the Gears franchise into comic books and movies. Oh, and ThinkProgress went broke after going woke.


The Sims 4 Adds Muslim Propaganda

The Sims 4 was already woke, but then they decided to take things a step further with Muslim content. Yes, specifically… Muslim content. The insane part about it is that Electronic Arts is closing and censoring threads as people attempt to discuss the content, since they don’t allow you to discuss religion on the forums. And speaking of propaganda… Gears 5, better known as Tampons of Wokness 5, added 19 Pride banners to the game’s multiplayer, but no Straight Pride Parade flags in sight. Guild Wars 2 also got woke, revealing that one of the elder dragon bosses in the game is “non-binary”. Oh, and Global Game Jam decided to part ways with Extra Credits’ James Portnow following more abuse allegations. And some good news for once: Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will restore the cut-content from the Wii version of the game for the Nintendo Switch, so this is one of the rare cases where censorship didn’t win out.

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