Amayakase: Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend Launches Oct 25th On Jast USA

The romance visual novel from Monoceros+ and Jast USA called Amayakase: Spoiling My Silver-Haired Girlfriend is set to arrive on the adult digital distribution storefront come October 25th.

The visual novel will be available in English and uncensored for everyone interested in picking it up either as a standalone or as part of a special edition available from over on Jlist where it comes with a dakimakura cover set.

If you were interested in the special edition it will run you a hefty $108, since it ships from Japan. This is a discounted price from the regular $120 price point. The dakimakura set is currently in stock but supplies are limited.

The visual novel centers around a girl named Anya, who is the player-character’s niece. After her mother leaves town on vacation, Anya stays at the player-character’s house; cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the chores… just until the two begin to develop inescapable thoughts for one another.

The taboo-entrenched relationship begins to bud as the acts they engage in become more… salacious.

It’s pretty obvious why the game isn’t making its way to Steam, especially when you consider that Anya is dressed in a schoolgirl uniform and the story centers around incest.

For some reason Valve gets real prickly over certain subject matter when combined with anime-themed art-styles… especially from Japanese, Chinese, and South Korean artists. In fact, they have a tendency of exercising double standards when Western developers are allowed to tackle underage sex (like in Life Is Strange 2: Episode 3) but certain developers who make anime-themed titles aren’t allowed to indulge in college settings, even when it’s the all-ages version of the game, such as My Girlfriend.

In any case, you can look for Amayakase to launch uncensored and uncut on the Jast USA store come October 25th.


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