Arch Warhammer Banned From Warhammer 40K Sub-Reddit
Arch Warhammer

The headline isn’t entirely accurate… it’s actually less inflammatory than what the truth of the matter is. YouTuber and content creator Arch Warhammer hasn’t just been banned from the Warhammer 40K sub-reddit 40KLore, all mention of his name has been barred, any of his content will be censored, and you’re not even allowed to speak about him in any manner in the sub, henceforth.

This insidious news has been making its way around the Warhammer internet communities after the rule was originally passed down by the moderators of 40KLore on October 15th, 2019.

The news almost reads like parody, but it’s not. Moderator Anonim97 wrote…

“As You probably know there are several topics that whenever show up there is huge discussion around them. One of them is related to a certain self-proclaimed “master of lore” Arch Warhammer. For the longest time there has been an unwritten law that Arch is persona non grata of this sub and mentioning him in any way (especially positive) was frowned upon, but in recent times we have found it necessary to impose new restrictions.


“As of today, that is 0.792.019.M03, Arch Warhammer makes a list of banned topics on r/40kLore. Soon sidebar message and “report” form of this sub will be updated. We will also put an article on our Wiki, with further details about this topic – You can provide us with links/examples/details that You think shouldn’t be ommited when it comes to him. [sic]”

So what is Rule 1 of the sub? Well, it states… “Be respectful. Hate speech, trolling, and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in a ban.”.

So what part of that rule did Arch Warhammer violate? They don’t exactly say.

They simply reiterate what the rule states, writing…

“While it is seemingly obvious to most of You, we would reiterate that racism, sexism, misygony, homophobia, transphobia, sinophobia, islamophobia, bigotry and other such discriminatory behaviours are violations of this rule and will result in disciplinary actions against that user.. r/40kLore and Warhammer community at large are no place for these views.

“Emperor protects.”

YouTuber Arch Warhammer posted up a video in response to his permanent ban from the Warhammer 40K lore-based sub-reddit, mocking the Left-wing totalitarians for their censorious nature and blockading of any views that challenges the Establishment’s status quo.

The topic has already spilled well outside of the Warhammer community, with threads popping up on Subreddit Drama and KotakuInAction 2.

We’re seeing this purge of ideas and people from communities that are circling the wagons around anyone or any groups critical of the encroaching narratives pushed by Left-wing ideologues.

Arch Warhammer is notorious for pointing out how Social Justice types have been actively trying (and in some cases, succeeding) to destroy our hobbies, entertainment, and our culture. The 40KLore sub-reddit couldn’t afford to have someone like that constantly undermining their inculcation techniques to disrupt our cultural norms, so they did what any regressive echo-chamber would do: they banned any mention of Arch Warhammer from the sub.

Expect to see this happening more and more as Games Workshop and the Warhammer brand continue to step into the woods of wokeness, especially after the company teamed up with Marvel for a new comic book series due out in 2020.


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