Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition Programmer Charles Randall Wants To Drive Away “Alt-Right” Customers
Baldur's Gate 2

It’s fairly well known that most Western developers adopt socially regressive postmodernist views, both in their personal lives and in their professional work. We oftentimes see these concepts rear their head in fictional work, especially in [current year] more often than not. One developer, however, doesn’t believe in keeping silent about how he feels about certain consumer demographics, and has openly called for driving away “Alt-Right” gamers.

The developer in question is Charles Randall, a former programmer at Digital Extremes, as well as a contributor to various entries in the Assassin’s Creed series, and a co-programmer on Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

The tweet comes courtesy of a reply to founder and CEO of Habitu8, Chad Loder, who is also a supporter of radical, anti-civil movements such as #BlackLivesMatter. Loder asked what was something an industry wasn’t ready to hear, and on September 29th, 2019, Randall replied with the following.

This anti-consumer rhetoric isn’t too surprising from Randall, since back in late August he condemned free speech by saying that anyone willing to die on the hill of “hate speech” should just die.

Randalls latest tweets, however, were not well received by right-thinking gamers who don’t believe in excluding the white race from industries just because it’s a fashionable talking point by most postmodernists.

Randall received some courageous pushback from users who are tired of this kind of discriminatory rhetoric being used to essentially diminish whites in gaming.

Randall fired back to the criticism, essentially pushing forward with the notion that the only sort of games that anyone who doesn’t kowtow to the regressive postmodernists will be stuck playing “progressive” games.

What he’s saying isn’t far off from the current reality of the situation, though.

Nearly every major AAA Western release is agitprop.

Strong, courageous, respectable, straight white males are now a rarity as leading men in Western games. Many are sidelined or undermined by POCs, or made into comically absurd villains (i.e., Horizon: Zero Dawn or Rise of the Tomb Raider).

Games that used to star the kind of characters normal gamers liked to play are either absent or replaced, like what happened with Gears 5, where the testosterone-driven, heavily masculine shooter franchise saw its straight white leads put on the back burner for a female POC. Although that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise given that it was part of Facebook’s very open social engineering program.

Nevertheless, even with developers openly attacking their own audience, openly advocating for “progressive” propaganda in gaming, and openly advocating for social engineering programs to subvert cultural norms, there are still Centrists out there who will keep defending the corrosion of Western culture under the heels of the regressive Left.

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