Birds Of Prey Is A Feminist Film That Will Tackle Mansplaining, Says Ewan McGregor
Birds of Prey (2020) Feminist

If you thought the first official trailer for Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey looked like a hot mess with all its color vomit and spastic editing, well apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg.  If Ewan McGregor is anything to go by, this film is going to be  a lot more woke than you thought.

In a quote captured by Heroic Hollywood, actor Ewan McGregor proudly boasted how Birds of Prey will be a “feminist” film that will tackle “misogyny” and “mansplaining”. McGregor – who plays a gay version of the crime lord Black Mask – said…

“What interested me with Birds of Prey is that it’s a feminist film. It is very finely written, it is in the script a true look on the misogyny. And I think we (the men) need that, we need to be more aware of how we behave with the opposite sex. We need to be taught to change. The misogynists in the movies are often extreme: they are raping, they beat women… And it’s legitimate to represent people like that, because they exist and they are obviously the worst. But in the dialogues of Birds of Prey, there is always an allusion to everyday misogyny, to those things that we say as a man we do not even realize, to mansplaining… All this is in the script in a very subtle way. I found that brilliant.”

This basically confirms that this is not going to be a movie for men at all. In fact, it sounds very anti-male, almost like a film subversively pushing the misandry angle.

Coupling this with the fact that Margot Robbie no longer looks hot in the film and actively said that the film will be “less male gaze-y”.

Indiewire summed up the gist of Robbie’s comments from a quote given to Vogue, where both costume designer Erin Benach and Margot Robbie said…

“’That’s what happens when you have a female producer, director, writer,’ costume designer Erin Benach recently told Vogue about making some slight alterations to Harley Quinn’s “Suicide Squad” look in order to better empower the character.


“’Yeah, it’s definitely less male gaze–y,’ Robbie added.”

Which translates to: the main reason any red-blooded man would want to see the film has been been removed.

You can readily see in the official trailer that Robbie’s sex appeal hasn’t just been reduced, it’s been effectively eradicated. She looks like a disheveled crack whore; her attire has been given a bedraggled makeover, and there’s no longer a focus on her cheek-baring daisy dukes.

This is all part of Hollywood’s attempt to keep pumping postmodernist feminism down the throats of normal people and trying to socially engineer the way people think and behave. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise given that DC Comics is doing the same thing with their comic book line, turning Harley into a feminist lesbian.

Birds of Prey – with its race-swapped Black Canary, feminist propaganda, and gay Black Mask – is set to hit theaters in February of 2020.

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