Birds Of Prey Trailer Is A Visual Cacophony Of Messy Violence And Nasty Colors
Birds of Prey

I don’t know what’s going on with Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey but the movie looks like a psychedelic kaleidoscope of visual cacophony. The two minute trailer doesn’t do much to really explain what’s going on and why, other than that Harley Quinn has found herself separated — oh wait, excuse me, “emancipated” from the Joker and hunted by the Black Mask.

We don’t get much in the way of coherency when it comes to the plot or characters. Cassandra Cain is in the film but they don’t do anything to explain why she’s teaming up with Harley. Dinah, alternatively, has been race-swapped and we also have no idea why she’s also teaming up with Harley.

The peanut gallery of coffee-and-cream flavored actresses makes it look like a bad mish-mash of a CW casting director’s dream project; but it does little to inspire any semblance of hope for the film to be good. You can see the hot mess of a trailer below.

I don’t even know how to chronologically explain what’s going on in the trailer because a lot of it doesn’t even make sense.

We know that Harley left the Joker, but somehow she ends up with Black Mask, played by Ewen McGregor. However, we don’t know why she joins him or why he goes after her.

We also don’t know why Black Canary ends up on Black Mask’s bad side, or why she joins up with Harley.

The trailer also makes it all about Quinn and we have no idea who or why the others end up becoming the titular “Birds of Prey”.

None of the trailer makes any sense at all.

Birds of Prey - Nasty Colors

Also, where is Batman during all of this?

If this is supposed to take place in Gotham, I can’t imagine why he would allow all of this chaos and destruction to be sewn throughout his city without intervening at some point? I’m sure, though, the movie will explain or address that point… right?

The whole movie looks like a bizarre, art-punk project trying to cash in on Suicide Squad. I don’t know if people will be dumb enough to buy into it; but I can certainly say that the sex appeal is definitely toned way down compared to how sexy Harley was portrayed in Suicide Squad. Also, they got a completely unattractive actress to play the Black Canary, so there are a lot of negatives stacking up against the film as it heads into the February 7th, 2020 release.

I’m not really looking forward to this flick, but are you?

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