Blackpill Bill: God’s Work, Post-Apocalyptic Hack-And-Slash Now Available For Just $14
Blackpill Bill

2Genderz Productions announced that they have a new game available for purchase called Blackpill Bill: God’s Work. This is a game that heralds the sign of the times. The third-person hack-and-slash action title seeks to wake gamers up to the realities of what’s plaguing current day America.

You can purchase Blackpill Bill: God’s Work over on the 2Genderz Production website for just $14.88 right now.

The story for the game is quite intense, they roll out the basics on the website, where it states…

“Bill, an everyday American, used to live a simple life. A man of traditional and righteous morals, he would work hard all through the week at a job he had held for over fourteen years and eighty eight days, always providing for his family, bringing home the bacon and keeping a roof over his, his wife, and children’s heads. Bill always made sure he worked earnestly and received several promotions throughout the years. With a seemingly ever increasing salary, a beautiful family and home, life for Bill seemed to be wonderful. He could not possibly imagine any scenario in which it could ever go wrong. But one tragic day, Bill’s life would take a turn for the worse.”

Blackpill - Asylum

The story takes a nose dive for Bill, as he’s fired from his job and replaced by diversity hires, and kicked off the premises by black pornstars who also double as security detail; he loses his house, his wife, and his kids, and is eventually forced into a mental asylum.

While having nothing but time on his hands, Bill ruminates on everything wrong with today’s society. He decides to finally indulge into his natural state of being by taking the blackpill.

They explain how Bill eventually transcends…

“Without a job, life swiftly turned upside down for Bill. Unable to keep up with the mortgage payments, Bill lost his home. Shortly afterwards, completely down and out and without a cent, Bill lost everything else. It was no surprise that Bill slowly had a mental breakdown and was whisked away to the insane asylum under the orders of “doctor” Achmed GoatBomber.

“Bill had no choice – the blackpill was literally forced down his throat. With Bill’s back against the wall and his life at rock bottom, he has nothing less to lose. He will obtain vengeance against his oppressors. He will fulfil God’s work. The blackpill was shoved down Bill’s throat, now he will shove it down everyone else’s too.”

Bill’s new mission is to force the blackpill on society and get them to wake up and realize how far gone it is, how degenerate it has become.

Bill feels his mission is a holy one, and it’s up to players to guide Bill through a twisted society where “diversity” and degeneracy has resulted in the complete collapse of societal sanity.

BlackPill Bill - bp5

The game features hack-and-slash melee combat, as players fight their way through crazy doctors, community college students in gender studies programs, rainbow-themed nightclubs, and more.

You can unlock new outfits, new weapons, and even utilize a stealth system to perform takedown kills on unsuspecting foes.

You can pick up a copy of Blackpill Bill from the 2Genderz Productions website. These are the same very fine people who made the salt-generating game Jesus Strikes Back. So you know you’re in for a very good time with plenty of laughs and lots of entertainment to spare.

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