Blizzard Temporarily Sanctions “Gay Boys” Guild

Blizzard can now add Homophobia to their growing list of transgressions of late. One would think the company would be all hands on deck to ensure another snafu did not happen so soon after their kowtowing to China, but this does not appear to be the case. After several users complained about the “Gay Boy’s” guild name, Blizzard stepped in to immediately change the name to “Guild ZFXPK” and issued warnings to the members of the guild.

Who are The Gay Boys? Users report, The Gay Boys are a registered guild in World of Warcraft that portrays themselves as so flamboyantly gay regular uses are unable to tell if they are carrying out an ironic performance joke or are legitimately flamboyantly gay. Upon its creation the guild donned nothing but pink tabards and carried out a gay pride parade in Stormwind proclaiming they’re here and they’re queer, all while dancing around a fountain. According to the guild they are the best LGBT guild on the server so their persecution so shortly after Pride month just reveals the level of corporate hypocrisy that goes on at Blizzard.

Though the guild’s name was later restored, Blizzard appears more interested in not offending people than standing by their pro-LGBT Principles. Blizzard moderators who went unnamed warned the guild if more people found it offense they would have to undergo the entire appeals process again.

“There isn’t a way to stop people from reporting this name, as some find the way the term is used offensive. If you get actioned again, you can appeal like this, and we can look at it once more. For now, though, you have your guild name back!”

The guild themselves stood by their decision to be called “The Gay Boys” explaining to Ars Technica that in current year this was unacceptable as the community had the right to exist. That blame lies with those offended to the point they tried to silence them.

“To say there is anything inappropriate about the words GAY or BOYS is, in and of itself, inappropriate, childish, and discriminatory. Individuals that found the name inappropriate should be the ones taking a good look at themselves in the mirror, because this is 2019, and we have a right to exist as a community.”

Let’s be honest, I cannot tell if these people are legitimately as gay as they proclaim or if it is an elaborate role-playing guild dedicated deeply to the performance. Regardless of which is true, the fact that by all outward appearances the guild is legitimately gay and Blizzard is more concerned about offending people than sticking up for the LGBT cause only serves to expose what everyone knew during pride month: How their support was purely corporate marketing, phony in its commitment and would be tossed aside the moment it became economically unpopular. Given how the Chinese government shuts down homosexuality and homosexuals how long will it be before Blizzard adopts the same stance as their master cracks the whip?