Bloody Chronicles R18+ IF Mode Coming Soon, Steam Store Page Is Live
Bloody Chronicles IF Mode

Igrasil Studio’s IF MODE for the visual novel Bloody Chronicles is still in development, but the studio wanted gamers to know that the R18+ DLC has been approved by Valve and the store page over on Steam has gone live.

We still don’t have an exact release date for the DLC, but according to the store page it is “Coming Soon”.

The developers have been teasing it for quite some time, and fans of the visual novel have been asking for it ever since they found out about it.

The IF MODE offers an alternative story to the first part of Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death. You’ll be able to see how the relationship between Kazuki and Kaoru unfolds following the conclusion of the Phantom case.

Bloody Chronicles - Bed Scene

The R18+ mode is more than just a slathering of adult-oriented content, though. The team is putting some serious time and effort into this alternate story route and expanding the playability with all new CG illustrations provided by Hai and Tom Uehara, along with up to six additional hours of storyline content.

The R18+ content does feature full nudity, erotic dialogue, and a consensual sex scene, according to the mature content description.

If you haven’t already checked out the original release of the visual novel, you can check out Bloody Chronicles – New Cycle of Death on Steam for $24.99. The VN was in Early Access for some time but eventually graduated on August 1st, 2019. It wasn’t long after that Igrasil began work on the R18+ IF MODE, which adds the extra dating route.

You’ll have to stay tuned in with the developers to find out when the IF MODE will fully launch or you can wishlist the DLC so you can be notified about its availability. For more information about Bloody Chronicles you can check out the official Igrasil Studio website.


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