Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign Walkthrough
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Walkthrough

I don’t know why anyone would need a walkthrough for Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but then again some people needed a walkthrough for the very linear and very one-note Call of Duty: WW2. So for people like that, I suppose this walkthrough exists for them. Keep in mind that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s campaign is thoroughly pozzed, filled with “diversity”, and has various moments of “feminist empowerment” that will make every average man sick to his stomach. I’m warning you now… this is not the Call of Duty you grew up with, even though there are some well done moments and great gunplay sprinkled throughout the five hour campaign.

Now that Modern Warfare is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you can indulge in the multiplayer shenanigans or the single-player story mode. YouTuber MKIceandFire has a full walkthrough of the campaign mode, which you can check out below.

The game starts with a cinematic, featuring Wolf and Butcher talking about why they live and die and we get a short segment of a suicide bomber about to blow up a civilian commercial district.

Fog of War

The first playable mission features Alex, who is dropped in with a team to commandeer some canisters.

The early parts of the mission are linear as crap.

Kill a mercenary. Use the binoculars. Call in the airstrike and then proceed through the building.

Make your way through the building and take out the group of mercenaries leading toward the base.

Kill the burning men on the ground, bash through the door and kill the man inside the room. Hitman will get hit going through the door by an MG nest.

You’ll learn how to switch fire-rate using the left digital pad on the PS4 DualShock or Xbox controller.

Take out the light over the MG nest to advance forward by the train cart. Make your way around the train car and take out the guys leading up to the MG nest. Proceed up the balcony and take out all the baddies.

Press down on the digital pad to activate the flashlight and head inside the warehouse area with the chemical compounds.

Use the left bumper to toss a flashbang if you’re unable to take out the enemy with basic gunfire.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Insurgents

The tutorial mission is pretty straightforward and very easy.

The next mission is a little trickier.

There’s a terrorist attack in London.

This mission is frantic and difficult. You’ll need to pick your targets. Terrorist will be intermixed with civilians – WATCH YOUR FIRE!

The terrorist are also dressed like civilians, so spot your targets.

Make your way into through the bookstore and take out the terrorists. Use the Dragunov to snipe the terrorist across the street. Shoot fast at the terrorist by the bus otherwise he will kill four civilian hostages.

Also, there’s a terrorist who will sneak up from behind you.

Take out the remaining terrorists in the book store and then head downstairs, outside and across the street. There’s a man with a bomb vest on – shoot him in the head before he blows himself up.

Inside, Captain Price will accompany you and there’s a man with a bomb strapped himself with some hostages. The mission ends when Captain Price pushes the man off the banister. You can’t save the hostage with the bomb strapped to him.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Garrick

In the next mission you’ll play Alex again.

After the cinematic you’ll need to go over to the cinder block and take one from the pile before you can proceed through the area.

When you get to the alley, drop the cinder block and let Farah kill the Russian soldier.

Inside the building, use the right thumbstick to melee kill the guard.

In the next segment you’ll need an oil filter for your weapon to silence your gun.

Go inside the garage and there’s an oil filter in the van. Take it.

Go over to the Russians where the contacts are located and kill two of the Russian soldiers outside, and then kill two more inside.

Follow Farah to the roof where you’ll receive two new mission objectives. Plant the explosives on the two Russian helicopters.

Hop down off the building and there’s a pistol sight inside the house across the building, along with another throwing knife. Take them.

This next part is semi-sandbox and you’ll need to make your way through the building where the two Russian guards are standing outside.

Grab a cinder block and head upstairs – two more guards will be upstairs. Avoid them.

Make your way around the side and there’s another oil filter on the broken down motorcycle inside the room. Take it. You can equip the oil filter on to a sub-machine gun, if you have one equipped.

If you circle around the back you can take out the two Russian guards using the silenced weapons.

Sneak up to the roof and plant the explosives inside the cockpit of the helicopter when the guards have their back to you.

Make your way to the opposite roof where the other helicopter is located.

There’s a dog. You can shoot the dog to prevent it from alerting the dogs.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - The Killing Fields

Now keep note there’s a guard on the LEFT side of the stairs who will be looking down upon you.

If you take out your weapon he will alert the other guards and shoot you.

Use a throwing knife on the man to your left and then take out the guards on the right side of the roof.

After you leave the roof and blow up the helicopters, Russian soldiers will attack.

You’ll have to fight them from the roof. Make sure you have two weapons, otherwise they will overwhelm you on the roof.

Follow Farah down off the roof and toward the fields with the dead bodies.

Stay on the ground and don’t move.

Wait for the soldiers to pass by your position and then sneak up and kill the two guards.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Hadir

Proxy War

The next mission is pretty straightforward, it’s the kind of battlefield experience that Battlefield V should have offered if it weren’t designed for feminists and soy boys.

In any case, fly the RC planes into the helicopters and then follow Robin into the base.

Where Robin is stationed will provide you with some good cover while you fly the RC planes into the Russian helicopters.

Once the helicopters are taken down, use the remaining planes to take out the Russian suppression spots from the roof.

From there, make your way into the container yard. Things get hairy here because it’s hard to tell friend from foe.

If you find yourself suppressed, use the RC planes to take out the larger groups.

When you clear out the container yard, go inside the red armory and take out the two guards before proceeding to the next area.

Use the RC plane to take out the helicopter and then make your up the steps and take out the Russians.

Move through the base toward the hangar.

If you stay off to the right flank you can use the cement barricades and trucks as cover to take out the soldiers leading into the warehouse.

Once inside, take out the three soldiers and you can resupply as well as take hold of a grenade launcher to use against the Russian reinforcements. Additionally, you’ll get to take out the enemies using flying machinery that sexually identifies as an Apache attack chopper to end the mission.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Russian Base

Clean House

The mission is pretty short.

Simply make your way up the apartment complex, clearing each room along the way.

The trick to this level is that there are some civilians in the rooms.

Check your fire and only kill the women when they go for a gun.

In one segment they will shoot through the door at you. You can toss a grenade through the hole in the door to clear out the room, though.

The mission ends once you reach the top floor where there’s a woman who attempts to grab a trigger.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Good Guys Look like bad Guys

Hunting Party

This is a classic Call of Duty style mission that feels like it should belong in Battlefield.

You’ll team up with Griggs to take down towel heads.

The mission is sandy and filled with brown hues that can mask enemies like a scorpion in a dust storm.

Don’t hesitate to use the smoke grenades to create a mask to suppress the enemy’s vision on you and your teammates. Make your way through the war-torn city, taking down enemies and blowing up anything that gets in your way.

After you clear out the outer perimeter and make your way into the base, there is a grenade tripwire at the base of the steps. Go around the steps and on the side you can hop up on the landing platform and defuse the trap.

From there, clear out the house and make your way back outside toward the convoy that is heading toward the hospital.

There are nests on top of the hospital entrance and flanks setup on the side. You can use the grenade launcher on the to M16 to clear out the clutters.

Pick your shots carefully once you get inside the hospital since there are civilians.

Proceed through the hospital into the second floor.

There are a couple of enemies on the gurneys who are pretending to be injured. Check them on the gurneys and put a bullet through their skull.

Proceed through the floor and take out the machine gun nest at the end of the hall using a grenade.

At the end of the hall you’ll need to go through the window and use the right thumbstick to take down The Wolf from behind. After you take him down, the mission will end.

The Embassy

The mission starts on the roof of the embassy while The Butcher makes his way through the building.

Follow price through the building until they ram through the wall.

Take out the enemy soldiers – some of them will take hostages. You can either kill the hostages and kill the men or kill the men.

Follow the pathway down to the basement and then you’ll need to engage in a mini-game where you need to direct the ambassador’s assistant, Stacy, outside of the offices.

Switch the cameras using ‘Triangle’ on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller. Direct Stacy through the hallways using the cameras.

Wait for the enemies to pass by and then direct her into the next office area, Offices_02A.

Stacy will attempt to help Adam but he will get aced.

Wait for the guard to leave Adam’s dead body and then have her make her way to the large printer past the cubicles.

Have Stacy activate the shredder and then exit the office.

Captain Price will come in to save her and then you’ll need to make your way through the parking lot and out onto the street.

The game then turns into 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi as you have to defend the marine compound from enemies.

Follow price to the roof and track the targets as instructed.

At Price’s command, launch the flares up into the air using the mortar on the roof.

Keep launching the flares whenever it gets dark.

They’ll eventually begin to mortar the rooftops; hop down and take out the enemies as they begin to infiltrate the compound. Get down and Rambo the crap out of them until you clear out the compound of towel heads.

You’ll need to then restock and take the drone designator. Use up on the digital pad to laser designate targets for the drone to bomb the construction site on the other side of the compound.

A car will drive past the compound but it’s not a car bomb.

A second jeep with some armed soldiers will approach the compound; laser target the jeeps as they circle the perimeter.

Use the laser designator to take out both the vehicle and the on-foot infiltrators.

Clear out the infiltrators and then move up the street to take down the groups of enemies.

If you have the M4, remember to tap Left on the digital pad to use the grenade launcher to wipe them out.

Infiltrate the house with the mortar. It’s CQC so a shotgun or pistol might be useful here.

Make your way back to the marine compound and clear out the soldiers in order to get back inside to complete the mission.

The next mission is a lot more slow paced.

It’s a sniper mission.

Follow the instructions from Farah just until the trucks arrive and begin to attack your position. Then hop off the roof and take out the intruders.

When you clear out the enemies, head back up to the sniping spot and take out the mortar teams.

After you take out the mortar squads a suicide bomber will attack you. It’s a heavily armored vehicle, you’ll need to chip away at the armor.

In the next segment you’ll need to disable the Russian armored carriers. Shoot at the tires as soon as you see the white smoke on the east.

From there you’ll need to pick off the Russians as they approach your encampment.

Detonate the IEDs once they get within range and then help Hadir use the gas against the Russian forces to end the mission.

The next mission places you in the role of Farah, 20 years ago.

Press a button to get out of the rocks until the rescuers come.

Follow Farah’s father into the house and then a Russian soldier will kill the father and somehow Farah – a little girl – will have to kill a 20 stone Russian soldier. It’s completely ridiculous yet somehow the two kids kill the soldier even though their father couldn’t. It’s completely ridiculous and stupid. All realism just goes right out the window in this segment as the pro-feminist propaganda rears its disgusting head here. It is, by all accounts of the word, gross!

Call of Duty is lost.

Call of Duty is converged.

After you open the locked door and escape through the streets and then to the field. Use the revolver to kill the two guards – after killing the first guard, use the cell phone to distract the other guard and then shoot him.

There’s a fake Osama Bin Ladin mission where you attempt to infiltrate some houses, breaching rooms and avoiding killing any civilians.

Move through each room, taking down the enemies. You can afford to take a few hits, so if you’re worried about killing civvies you simply wait for the enemies to fire and then return fire when you have a clear target.

Clear out the building and then there’s a short cinematic where Alex and Farah get separated in the tunnels going after Hadir and The Wolf.

Be sure to defuse the traps so you can take the semtex and use it against the terrorists.

Clear out the tunnels, make your way toward the gas trap and when Farah says she “smells gas” run back and wait for the explosion to make its way through the tunnel before proceeding.

When you reach the MG nest you’ll need to use a flashbang or a smoke grenade to mask their vision and then use a grenade – preferably the Molotov cocktails in the crate to flush out the nest and destroy it.

When Farah and Alex get separated after Alex falls down the shaft, push the mine cart out of the way and make your way around the cave and Call of Duty your way through the explosive caves until you climb up the ladder and meet back up with Farah.

Follow Farah’s instructions to disarm the bomb to end the mission.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Execute Authority


You’ll play as the feminist Farah and you’ll have to survive torture and an interrogation.

After the lengthy interogation sequence, use the makeshift shiv to get out of the vent, use the chair to climb into the next room and then crawl through the sewer.

Somehow Farah is capable of defeating a fully armed guard with her makeshift shiv.

Head out of the prison with the other ugly feminist coffee bags and make your way down the street and around the construction site toward the sniper above the warehouse.

The whole mission is completely pozzed, and is part of the feminist wet dream of something that would never happen in real life, and it echoes a signal to an audience who does not exist.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Comrades

Old Comrades

The mission starts with the option to select the silenced pistol of your choice. Make your way into the alley and then draw your weapon on Price’s signal.

Make your way through the building and take out his guards. Proceed to chase down The Butcher without shooting him.

This is another Call of Duty moment as you race through the streets of St. Petersburg.

This is all a run-and-gun mission. Nothing fancy and nothing special about it.

The good part is that at least this gets masculine, real fast.

It’s a stark departure from the feminist bullcrap shoved down all our collective throats in the previous mission.

There’s an interrogation sequence where you’ll have to threaten The Butcher’s family to get him to talk.

Aim the gun at The Butcher’s family and pull the trigger.

Don’t worry, the gun is empty.

Price will give you some bullets.

Threaten The Butcher’s family. You’ll have the option to pull the trigger thereafter… ending the mission one way or another.

Going Dark

Price and the tea bag will head out to the forest to go after Hadir.


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