Chains Of Fury, Masculine Comic-Book Shooter Announced For PC, Nintendo Switch
CHains of Fury

There’s been a dearth of manly games made for men. Most games that are supposed to be made for men are rife with degenerate feminist propaganda, like Gears 5 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Real men don’t buy manly games to get lectured to about feminism. That’s a soy boy’s wet dream. Thankfully, there are developers like Cobble Games and Art Games Studio S.A., who are working on a traditionally masculine first-person shooter where you play as a crazy mercenary intent on wiping a bunch of scumbag aliens out of existence.

CEO of Cobble Games and the originator of the game, Krzysztof Orzędowski, explained that Chains of Fury is a throwback to classic FPS titles from the 1990s but with some new-school features such as being able to destroy 80% of the walls and environment within the game…

“Chains of Fury in a certain sense is a tribute to the old FPS’s for their uncompromising fun and graphic novels. Among the inspiration behind Chains of Fury, I can mention the cult comic series Lobo and Hellboy as well as drawings by Mike Mignola. The gameplay itself will be intensive, brutal and bloody but of course within the limits of the slightly grotesque comic convention”

The actual gameplay reminds me a lot of Duke Nukem 3D meets Serious Sam. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

While I love the concept of being able to break down walls, use the physics-based effects to crush enemies beneath falling ceiling tiles, and punch the living daylights out of the alien menace, I do have to point out that I’m not very fond of the Flash-style weapon designs.

It looks pretty off-putting the way he handles the weapons and fires them.

I do, however, like the way the punching mechanics look and I adore the screenshot where they have a nice, big, beefy fist in the face of an alien wishing that he had stayed in his cold, steel cot that morning instead of facing off against a 100% bona fide badass.

Chains of Fury 03 (press material)

I like that the developers wanted to try something different with the level design, where you don’t always have to find a key to get to the other side of a locked door; you can just break down the walls around the door.

Chains of Fury will feature loads of gory encounters, plenty of boss fights, six different worlds to conquer, even a split-screen multiplayer option, and it’s scheduled to release during the fourth quarter of 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam for PC.

You can actually wishlist Chains of Fury right now by heading over to the Steam store page while you wait for its inevitable release. Hopefully Cobble Games can avoid the sort of unnecessary controversies that Voidpoint encountered with Ion Fury and the censorship debacle.


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