Cherry Boy Banned From Steam For Featuring A Loli

BananaChu Team had to regretfully announce to its followers that the erotic visual novel Cherry Boy won’t be launching on Steam because it’s been banned.

The news came courtesy of a tweet by the BananaChu outfit on October 17th, 2019. The developers shared a message they received from Valve’s Tanya, who informed them that they weren’t going to allow the game on Steam because – in Valve’s estimation – the game involved a minor in sexual situations.

It’s the same message that various other developers received from Valve, where the company stated that they don’t allow games on the platform that they consider to be “legally grey”, even though there is no such thing as that.

Either something is illegal or it’s not.

For instance games like Hello, Goodbye were initially considered in the “legally grey” area and were banned. Many people justified the ban, along with games like MaoMao Discovery Team and The Last Girl: Janna’s Diary of Shame, but those same pro-censorship critics were drop-dead silent when Valve reversed their decision and allowed Hello, Goodbye back on Steam, thus proving that the game was indeed not legally grey.

Of course, Valve oftentimes used the “legally grey” excuse to ban games they simply didn’t want on the platform, especially since in the case of Cherry Boy, all of the characters depicted in the game are said to be over the age of 18.

Obviously, though, the one loli character stands out above the rest, and it’s quite apparent she’s the character that Valve is referring to when it comes to a minor, even though BananaChu stated that she’s over 18.

It shouldn’t matter anyway given that the comedic sex romp certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously since it involves three sex-starved women getting involved with sentient fruit.

CherryBoy – Girls

According to the SteamDB entry for CherryBoy’s AppID, it also reveals that the developers weren’t trying to skirt by any rules the way Valve insinuates in the letter. BananaChu properly labeled CherryBoy as an Adult’s Only title and pointed out that the visual novel contained nudity and erotica.

An archive of the Steam store page also reveals that there was nothing explicit or lewd on the store page, and for all intents and purposes they abided by Valve’s rules.

Nevertheless, the game was still banned based on the taste police’s discretion on what they consider to be acceptable character art. They pulled a similar stunt with the all-ages, completely benign visual novel from a Chinese development team called Food Girls, where they forced the developer to change a loli character to age her up before approving the game for release.,

Nevertheless, you can still support the BananaChu Team by picking up a copy of Cherry Boy from over on the page.

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