Cinderella Live-Action Remake Race/Gender Swaps Fairy Godmother By Casting Billy Porter
Cinderella Billy Porter

Sony has just completely gone off the deep-end like a Corvette speeding off a short road on a steep cliff. They had the gall to not only gender-swap the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella but they also race-swapped the role and sex-swapped the role by casting the gay, black male, Billy Porter, for the role.

I imagine this will be a popular casting decision for all of the no-life foot soldiers for the Rainbow Reich on Twitter, but the reality is that there isn’t one purist fan who could be accepting or okay with this fairy-tale sacrilege.

The news comes courtesy of CBS Pittsburgh, who reported that Sony has tapped the Tony-award winning stage actor to play as the Fairy Godmother in a Cinderella remake.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, late night talk show host James Cordon is producing the film and Kay Cannon is directing it. It will be a live-action film starring Cuban-singer Camila Cabello.

So not only is the Fairy Godmother being race, gender, and sex-swapped, but Cinderella is also being race-swapped, too.

There’s so many shades of brown in the film one would think that Sony was getting into the fudge making business.

In any case, the news was obviously dissected by people who actually care about the legacy of these properties, such as Nerdette’s Newsstand.

So now it’s not only enough to race-swap the leads but also secondary characters are also getting race-swapped, and not just race-swapped but gender-swapped, too. In this case, since Billy Porter is openly gay, it also means that the Fairy Godmother is also getting sex-swapped!

It’s like a trifecta of Social Justice splooge being forced down the throats of normal people via a speculum-induced device.

Sony is likely laughing at the fact that there’s nothing really normal people can do about it as they see all of their favorite franchises and brands being upended by all of this ridiculous overt propaganda.

This comes hot on the heels of Matt Reeves announcing that a race-swapped Catwoman has been cast for The Batman in the form of Zoe Kravitz, which also comes just months after Disney announced that the live-action The Little Mermaid will also feature a race-swapped Ariel.

How people can’t see this very clear agenda at play is beyond me, but it’s about time people start opening up their eyes and seeing how their culture is being usurped by the dastardly devils and their duplicitous schemes being doled out for the purpose of erasing history and socially engineering the minds of future generations.

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