Code 8 Trailer Has Stephen Amell In A Cool Looking Sci-Fi, Super Hero Thriller
Code 8 - Police Robots

I usually don’t expect much from CW stars, but Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie Amell seem to have really stepped up their game with the upcoming action-oriented, sci-fi, super hero thriller called Code 8.

The duo play two down and out brothers trying to keep their mother alive who is bedridden in the hospital while the bills stack up and payments are going missed. They decide to do something about it… with a twist.

You see, both the brothers have special powers and begin to utilize said powers to rob and steal and get the money to pay for their mother’s welfare. Things turn sour, though, when a special police task force led by Sung Kang begins to hunt down the criminal group using specialized robot hunters and their own brand of super-powered enforcers.

The trailer is only 52 seconds long, but it definitely gets the point across and looks really badass. You can check it out below, courtesy of IGN.

First and foremost, I didn’t see any forced diversity. So that’s a huge win for the movie.

It’s possible that they still might manage to squeeze in some of the typical Hollywood propaganda tropes that have been pushed across the entertainment medium like some kind of packaged good on a factory conveyor belt.

In any case, the premise for Code 8 is quite original. Having a robot squad hunt down super powered individuals who are more anti-hero than traditional villain could make for some really good entertainment.

Code 8 - Hunters

While I always thought Robbie Amell was an insufferable twat, he looks like he plays well off his more masculine brother in this flick as a downtrodden but determined son who is intent on helping his dying mother.

Giving the characters relatable motivations while also keeping them in some fairly intense situations.

Hopefully the movie doesn’t crap all over itself by making up contrived ways for the group to escape or creating some kind of easy-out for them.

The special effects and the robots look pretty menacing, so hopefully they’re used well and the movie is shot properly.

It reminds me of a short film you would see on YouTube and hope would become a full-length feature film.

You can expect to see Code 8 on December 13th, 2019 at the end of the year. Hopefully it doesn’t get buried by the manufactured hype Disney will cook up for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker.


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