Code Vein Nude Mod Appears For PC Users
Code Vein Nude Mod

You don’t need Gamer Goo to make things slippery in this case, especially if you want to see your custom character in Code Vein in their birthday suit. That’s right, Bandai Namco’s Souls-like game has its first nude mod, which is available to download right now for PC.

Code Vein features well-endowed female NPCs, which is quite evident upon doing a little research. However, if you would like to apply some of that research to your character (except without any articles of clothing) let me tell you, you can finally do so right now.

The following links to download nude mods for male and female characters sit below:

I should note that there aren’t any different body types to select from with this mod. Instead, it replaces outfit #5 with a nude textured model for female characters:

“This mod replaces outfit #5 with a custom nude body model with updated textures. You can change to this outfit at any time by interacting with the mirror next to the bath tub in home base.”

As for males, the mod is like the female nude mod in that it replaces outfits or clothing one through six.

If you want to use these mods in all of their glory, simply extract either one of the “.pak” files from the RAR archive. Copy the .pak file into a mod folder in your Code Vein install directory, and you should be good to go.

The good news is that this perky pair of nude mods have paved way for future modders to tamper with Code Vein’s character sliders. This means that you can make really short characters with big boobs or none at all.

According to a conversation between Randomtwo and Maxunit, the former posed the following question to the latter:

“Would [it] be possible to make a mod to allow female characters to have breast as big as IO/eva/coco/karen/ecc??”

Maxunit had this to say:

“In theory, yes.


“You would have to increase the breast size on the model or someone figures out how to permanently increase the separate, yet hidden, sliders for this. I followed some discussions on a cheating forum, where they removed the limit for accessories and someone said, that the game forcefully resets those hidden sliders, but there might be a way to mod that.”

As posted above, if you want these early PC nude mods for Code Vein, you can snag them right here:

Code Vein is available right now for PS4, Xbox One and on Steam for PC.


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