Code Vein PC Mods Make IO Playable In Skimpy Outfit

If you are aware of Code Vein or have played it, I’m sure you are well acquainted with IO. Well, instead of the busty side-kick helping you when you need assistance, you can now assume her in a new mod, which is accompanied by another mod that reveals more of her curvaceous and finger-licking good figure.

It looks like modder Rathren knows what’s up. The modder in question has two mods allowing you to undress IO further and see more of the moon-kissed waifu, or take control of her in said skimpy outfit.

Without wasting any more of your time, you can check out the following new attire below that modder Rathren has for the NPC and playable version of IO:


Like any other mod, find the “.pak” file and place it inside Code Vein > Content > Paks > “mods.” This will allow you to play as her or with the well-endowed Revenant.

I should note that this mod may have issues in its current build in that her hands, feet, and other proportions may look a bit off/broken due to different skeleton sizes.

In addition to the above, the modder warns that using this mod with other mods that make NPCs playable could cause your game to crash:

Known issues: Hands, Feet and breast look a bit broken due to different skeleton sizes. Using this mod with other mods that make NPCs playable might cause crashes!

I’m sure in time the mod’s issues will be worked out. As of now, folks looking to play as an even bustier character wearing an outfit showing off the find work that is IO will find pleasure in this mod ahead of the slider change that’s going to hit the web one day. If you don’t already know, there’s also a Code Vein nude mod available for download as well, so you can get your hands on that if you haven’t already.

Code Vein is out right now for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.


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