Dance Dance Girl Banned From Steam Months After Release [Update]

Dance Dance Girl

[Update:] It appears as if TDriverGo’s other title, Hentai Sweet Battle, was also removed from Steam, indicating that Valve banned the publisher/developer’s catalog entirely. If you check the developer curator page, TDriverGo’s content is all gone. Hentai Sweet Battle released back in March of 2019, but was removed back on October 16th, 2019. So believe that Hentai Sweet Battle was removed because each month in the SteamDB the Adult’s Only tag was being added and removed. We don’t know why that was, but the game launched censored on Steam and required an R18+ off-site patch to add the adult content, as indicated in a Steam forum thread [backup] linking out to the R18+ patch and instructions on how to install it. An archive of the Steam store page did indicate that the game contained “nudity and sexual content”, but forum goers noted that all the content was censored. So we still don’t have a definitive reason as to why the games were banned and why TDriverGo was removed.

[Original article:] Valve is still banning games like like YouTube bans Conservatives. The latest victim of the taste police at Steam is Dance Dance Girl from Chinese developer TDriverGo. Not only was the game banned but all of its accompanying DLC was axed from Steam, too. While most people will shrug off the news because they don’t care, the reality is that the game wasn’t banned before its release but months after it released.

According to SteamDB, around October 17th, 2019 Valve pulled the plug on TDriverGo’s ecchi music-rhythm game, which centered around players having to complete challenges while watching an anime girl dance in the background. The game originally released back on July 1st, 2019.

The Steam Tools shows that Dance Dance Girl, along with its three DLC packs, have been banned from Steam. You can still access the Steam Community hub for the game, but you’re no longer able to purchase it.

So why exactly was this game banned?

We don’t know.

The forums are lit up with people asking the same question. “Where did the game go?” and “Why was it banned?” are common sentiments and worries shared by gamers who purchased the title back during the summer when it first released.

Also, why now?

If it was inappropriate in some way then it should have been banned before it was granted release, not three months later.

Unfortunately Valve doesn’t say why they ban most games, usually alluding to some vague rules about “trolling” or “child exploitation” when it comes to anime-style games.

It’s not even like this was a hated or disliked game. Dance Dance Girl had positive review scores, according to an archive of the store page, and despite some hiccups and glitches here and there, the developers were quick to fix any problems that gamers brought up in the forums and reviews.

Unfortunately it looks like this is yet another casualty of Valve’s war on anime girls and their continued pursuit of the waifu holocaust.

(Thanks for the news tip Hot Katsuragi)