Disney Brings On Geena Davis, AI Tool To Check Scripts For “Diversity” And “Inclusion”
Geena Davis

Disney has hired veteran actress Geena Davis and acquired the GD-IQ: Spellcheck for Bias machine learning tool to check their future scripts for any biases against “diversity” and “inclusivity”, ensuring that scripts contain enough POCs and members of the LGBTQIA+ coalition.

The Hollywood Reporter took note of the partnership between the Gender In Media, which Geena Davis is a part of, and Disney Studios, at the Power of Inclusion Summit that took place in New Zeland.

Davis exclaimed at the summit…

“I’m very proud to announce we have a brand new partnership with Walt Disney Studios using Spell Check for Bias. They are our pilot partners and we’re going to collaborate with Disney over the next year using this tool to help their decision-making, identify opportunities to increase diversity and inclusion in the manuscripts that they receive. We’re very excited about the possibilities with this new technology and we encourage everybody to get in touch with us and give it a try.”

The AI tool, which was developed at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering, scours manuscripts for text to determine how many male characters are present, how many female characters are present, whether or not POCs are present, or anyone from the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

The purpose of the AI is to identify any “marginalized” or “underrepresented” groups that aren’t featured in the script, allowing producers to mangle the production by forcing in “diversity”.

YouTube outlet Geeks + Gamers were quick to criticize this move from Disney, recognizing just how awful this will end up becoming for every single upcoming film made by the mega-corporation.

In any case, Davis would go on to say…

“I’ve gotten to play lots of cool parts in my career, and I’ve had a lot of personal experience in images shaping cultural norms.


“Nearly every sector of our society has a huge gender disparity, particularly in leadership positions. So how long is it going to take to correct that, to reach parity? No matter how hard we work, we can’t snap our fingers and suddenly half the corporate boards are women. It’s going to take a long time to make some of these changes.


“But here’s my theory of change. There’s one category of gross gender inequality where the underrepresentation of women can be fixed absolutely overnight — and it’s onscreen. The very next project somebody makes — the next movie, TV show — can be gender-balanced. We can make this change happen very fast. In the time it takes to create a new show or a new film, we can present a whole new vision of the future. Yes, there are woefully few female CEOs in the world, but half of them can be female onscreen immediately. How are we possibly going to get the number of women and girls interested in STEM careers that we need for science, technology, engineering and math? There can be droves of women in STEM careers now on TV and in movies, and then it will happen in real life.”

Davis, in her spiel, completely ignores that different genres may call for different groups of genders or races for the script. Would she really call for “equal” representation in an action flick where the hero is gunning down faceless hordes of bad guys, half of which would be women? Or how about martial arts films, where the hero begins to tear through countless groups of gang members and killers? Would she really advocate to see half of those people getting their bones broken, faces smashed, and limbs lopped off as being represented by women?

A lot of times these activist types speak before they think (if at all) and completely nullify their point by using wide-sweeping broad strokes to get their point across by bludgeoning it over the head of innocent consumers who just want to be entertained.

With Disney already going all in on race-swapping, gender-swapping, and sex-swapping many of the cast for their upcoming super hero flicks, it looks like that’s now going to be come standard practice as they use AI and feminist activists to social engineer your entertainment.

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