Editorial: AltCensored Fights Big Tech’s Orwellian Erasure of History

A new site has identified and archived over 25,000 videos that have been put in “Limited State” (placed behind a warning message, cannot be shared, monetized or easily found, and have likes, comments, view counts and suggested videos disabled) or entirely deleted along with their channels.

World War II and military music content channels have especially felt the censors jackboot in big techs rush to erase history.
Deleted channels have skyrocketed since YouTube recently broadened their definition of “hate speech” and focused on wholesale channel deletion.

This resource has become an important milestone in preserving internet history and digital culture, given that big tech has moved to erase lots of irreplaceable content on the internet, oftentimes without notice and usually with no way to backup the information or store it off-site.

AltCensored attempts to intervene and provide denizens of the internet with an opportunity to store and safeguard content that seems like a prime target for censorship, usually when the content creator or channel provides information, resources, or videos that corporations like YouTube deem as “hate speech” or “hateful content”.

Derovolk (85M+ views), Dr. Ludwig (53M+ views), FBIV (31M+ views), and Deutsche Wehrmacht History (23M+ views) are just a few of the over 590 deleted channels that altCensored.com has archived.

Videos are organized by channel and are searchable, viewable, and ready for direct or torrent download. Please send us new channels to monitor before they are deleted!

A lot of channels have already been removed from content networks and it’s imperative to identify and backup some of these channels before they’re targeted and removed for good. At the moment there’s no preservation for a lot of channels and information out there that big tech are wiping off the net, so making use of altCensored to archive this content before it disappears for good is a great way to preserve a small piece of internet history.



AltCensored.com is an unbiased community catalog of 25994 YouTube Limited Videos across 4238 monitored channels, including deleted videos and 590 removed channels.

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