Electronic Arts And DICE Are To Ship The Next Battlefield In Fiscal Year 2022

Early rumors on the next Battlefield game bubbled up as far back as early 2018 with prominent Battlefield leaker Almightydaq saying Battlefield V would cover World War 2. Although the game we got last year was nowhere near plausible, Almightydaq also claimed that the next installment after Battlefield V is a modern Battlefield title.

While the above may be rumors, it’s worth noting that the now-retired Battlefield leaker, Almightydaq, has a pretty solid track record when it comes to predicting content precisely.

Nevertheless, even with staple titles under the Battlefield moniker, Electronic Arts and DICE managed to release the abomination that is Battlefield V — a title that killed a lot of excitement and trust.

From the overt social justice diversity scheme to the departure of what made Battlefield “Battlefield,” the devs’ smug mentality to say things like “if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it,” mocking gamers and fans of Battlefield at a launch party, and other things like delays, shallow content, and broken features only distanced fans from the FPS game.

Although fans endured a lot when it came to the tail end of Battlefield 1, like with the Apocalypse DLC stutters and delayed content, they then had to deal with the disastrous 2018 edition known as Battlefield V, something I’m sure created skeptics and deserters out of fans.

Well, if there is any interest left in you as a fan or a gamer, do know that the next working title is in development as we speak and will drop in the Fiscal Year 2022. In other words, this means the next entry is coming out between April 2021 and March 2022.

According to Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, Electronic Arts’ Q2 FY20 financial results lays out the above information:

While we wait to find out if this game will be exclusive to PC and next-gen console and forgo the base PS4 and Xbox One, the questions that remain unanswered are, how woke will the next entry be at launch? Will it make headlines all over the place like Battlefield V? Will Electronic Arts and DICE play the elliptical social justice game and sneak in agitprop antics? And how glitchy/broken will it release?

Lastly, do you think the extra development time the devs have with the game will make the next installment decent or the complete opposite?


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