Fake Manga Fans Freak Out Over Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs Fan-Service
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Twitter is filled with social justice activists, fake gamers, fake anime fans, and fake manga fans. They sit around all day complaining about the very things that us real fans enjoy, namely fan-service. In the 181st chapter of Yuuna and the haunted Hot Springs, featured in Weekly Shonen Jump’s 48th, the appearance of cleverly placed nipples within the magazine caught the attention and ire of one such social justice troglodyte who decided to wax a jeremiad on the Japanese manga industry.

It started with the cover of the magazine featuring Yuuna from Yuuna and The Haunted Hot Springs – yes, the same Yuuana and the Haunted Hot Springs that received a JRPG that was censored on the PS4 – where the main heroine Yuuna was on the cover topless. She had some convenient steam covering up her nipples.

As illustrated in an example by Anime News Network, the flip side of a page featured nipple-shaped tapioca bubbles inside of a cup of tea.

Now the brilliance of this little ploy is that the nipples appear through the steam on the cover if you hold the manga cover up under certain lighting conditions, thus uncensoring Yuuan’s breasts.

There’s a NSFW version of the cover.

This little revelation ended up irritating the perpetually offended on Twitter, and quite naturally a tirade was made, which garnered an unearthly amount of support from social shut-ins and sexually repressed Regressive Liberals.

Sachiko Ishikawa, a self-proclaimed feminist who also claims to be half-Japanese, proceeded to rag the manga, gaining thousands of retweets and likes in the process.

But it didn’t stop there… Ishikawa proceeded to keep going in a rather lengthy thread, writing out the following on October 28th, 2019

“The cover of the magazine features the main character of a manga called “Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs” (ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん) posing naked in an overtly sexual pose and with a sexualized expression.


“Reminder: this magazine is for *children*


“The magazine has been cleverly designed so that the blurred out nipples (with a cloud-like white-out) don’t show, except if you use a backlight you can *see* her nipples.


“Which on the other side of the page are tapioca pearls.


“’Genius,’ according to the fans.


“If you show that drawing, with that lascivious expression, cheeks flushed and breasts heaving, this is porn. This is hentai.




“You’re telling your readers: I’ll bend the rules so that you can fap to our magazine cover. I’ll bend the rules so that you’ll buy a copy. I’ll bend the rules by portraying a female character as an overly sexualized object because we don’t care about women.


“Do you know how exhausting this is? Every time I enter a convenience store there are adult magazines right *next* to the entrance with men unashamedly standing and reading.


“Women watch themselves be objectified.


“Children learn how to objectify.


“Shōnen Jump has always been problematic. But this is fucking unacceptable.


“Reminder: It’s a magazine for *children*


“This is what this country is teaching their youth. I’m kinda glad the populating is declining.


When you check the OP’s comments all you hear are cis men and teenagers laugh gleefully and comment on the genius of this design.


“All I see is a society in which women mean so little we don’t even cross these men’s mind. No. They are not a minority. Yes, I know what I’m saying.”

Ishikawa continually invokes the “think of the children” as if it’s some kind of abnormality for young teenage boys to desire full figured women with large bosoms that bountifully fall out of their cleavage like a raging river spilling over a cliff side.

The desire is natural. And in Japan, that desire is necessary if they’re going to get their birthrates up. That won’t happen if their men are inundated with effeminate material or counter-productive propaganda trying to steer them away from desiring women, which is clearly what Ishikawa wants.

The (unfortunate) translator goes on to write…

“Japan sexualizes children and women to the point of sickness.


“If this is appropriate for a *children’s magazine,* what do you think you’ll find in an adult one? No wonder men fantasize with rape and murder.


“I’m so tired.


“Tired of seeing example after example of women meaning nothing.


“Young girls meaning nothing.


“Their worth is based on how much men will masturbate to their picture.


“’But these are cartoons! These are not real women, you bitch!’
—definitely someone.


“Yes. But they represent women. They carry the weight and expectation of real women like idols and singers and actresses. Don’t lie to me—to you they’re all the same.


“You can’t say ‘this is fiction—this isn’t real’ because where do you think fiction comes from? As a writer, this is so obvious to me (but what can I expect of someone who only reads comic books, amirite?).


“This won’t end here. Shōnen Jump might issue an apology and pathetic excuses while the board of executives snigger behind closed doors. This is an epidemic.




“Ps. I showed this to my husband, seething in anger, and he was like ‘This? They do this all the time,’ and now I just wanna sleep.”

Unfortunately, there are people in the thread supporting Ishikawa, clamoring to white knight and justify the tirade against ecchi fan-service.

Thankfully, there were others who came in to defend fan-service from the no-fun-allowed crowd, explaining that biologically men adore and desire sexy women, especially in drawings. It’s natural, especially for the age group for which the magazines are aimed. They also pointed out that the magazine has featured fan-service since its inception, sporting boobs and butts throughout the years.

Obviously Ishikawa had no intent on addressing the issue of fan-service always being part of the magazine. When I attempted to reach out, I was blocked by the translator.

This crusade to ruin fan-service and take away from straight males one aspect of fiction that they enjoy more than others is, quite frankly, disgusting.

For people who don’t like pretty women and who would rather stare at four walls or obese whales, they can do so. The choice is theirs. For people who would prefer to gaze upon beauty, to reverence and celebrate the natural and enticing curves of the female figure, there is art; there is anime; there is manga; and there is Weekly Shonen Jump.

(Thanks for the news tip alex9234 and Hakase)


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