Fallout 76 Devolves Into Class Warfare

At this juncture we’ve abandoned as a policy uttering the statement “Fallout 76 can’t get worse.” After the helmet mold incident was followed by a broken premium mode that cost more than most subscription services that offer you hundreds of games it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing what misadventure next awaits us. Well how about adding full on class warfare against those that purchased the premium package?

Coming courtesy of the Daily Beast and other outlets we now know players have had enough of Bethesda’s antics and the target of their rage are those that bought into the new premium edition.

Possibly my favorite account was the following where a user was hunted down and nuked to be sure he got the message.

“Fuck you guys, I bought fallout 1st on my own terms and I enjoyed it, but those asshats had to hunt me down, Nuke my camp, and attack me relentlessly.”

It seemingly gets better, another user reports that upon doing the mothman emote in the vault he got the everlasting caps beaten out of him by between 5-7 other users. You know the beating was bad when it sounds like a police report where the exact amount of assailants couldn’t be determined.

The luckiest user in the report was simply told to leave the “non-premium area.” Thanks to the icon appearing for players who purchased the premium service it has been relatively easy to hunt down users who have subscribed to the broken service.  Polygon would take this story and spin it as an anti-capitalist movement rising up against the premium bourgeois, though of course that is paraphrased they do use the term “anti capitalist).

There’s a great frustration if you’ve ever bothered to read up on economics from a non-Marxist source. While you enjoy understanding economic systems and theories at the cost of part of your soul, you then have to deal with websites like Polygon using the phrase “capitalism” as a buzzword for whatever is not Marxism today. If you are familiar with how sjws and Marxists shift definitions and play word games then you already understand what they do with the word capitalism and how they get away with “that’s not real communism “arguments.

Capitalism as described by Capitalists is as the word implies: A system of (ism) Capital Goods. Other thinkers went further to stipulate that it was a system wherein the market was controlled by capital goods placing Communism and Marxism who are unwilling to abandon capital as extremist forms of Capitalism that feature highly centralized control mechanisms of the market via political control of capital regulation of the market.

What Fallout 76 is experiencing is good old class warfare, not Capitalism as the true enemy. It is ironic that the Marxist writers over at Polygon call it Capitalism when the Communist manifesto itself only refers to capitalists as a faction of what we would today call Globalists who utilize capital resources to gain control of nation states.  Not as an inherent evil onto themselves, but then again asking Marxists to read anything including Marx’s own writings that forbid women in the revolution is too much to ask it seems. (For those curious he claimed women would subvert the aims of the revolution for their own petty wants and always made it about them as his justification.)

What we’re witnessing according to reports is players have finally had enough with users giving money to Bethesda propping up their greedy tactics instead of fixing the game or adding meaningful content for the average users. Users are tired of the constant crashes that occasionally wipe part if not all of their junk gains. They’re tired of the bugs and they’re tired of every meaningful update being released coming behind a pay wall.

It’s an insult to those that stuck with the game and those contributing to the problem by purchasing into it are the embodiment of that hatred. For users cannot reach the developers who seemingly do not care or are strong armed by the publisher to be unable to implement changes that the consumers want. Thus the players strutting around in their “premium” attire with their premium emoji are treated like the rich in a country with great wage disparity.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. Historically revolution tends to follow this in real nations if the government cannot maintain control. Those with influence who realize they can increase their holding back these revolutionary spirits against the establishment and then take their seat of power afterward. This is a video game though, so it will be interesting to see how a class struggle players out in the medium.

Likely we will see users just stop playing from both sides.  Those tired of being harassed will just write off the hundred or 12 dollars and leave. Those who finally accept Bethesda has no interest in developing a good product like Warframe, Rust or Conan Exiles will just quietly leave with their friends either to competition or to the next big thing.

In the end Fallout 76 is the epitome of a bad game. A game so bad it began a real organic class struggle the likes that have not been previously documented and will probably be the subject of a working thesis within a decade. That’s going to be hard to top, but we’ll see what Bethesda comes up with next week.

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