Fornite Is Dead…For Now

Dearly hardcore, we are gathered here today to honor or spit on the memory of Fortnite. The long running gaming series which has generated billions of dollars has died after an asteroid caused a Quantum Singularity to suck up the entire game, menu in all. Some argue this is the work of the blind idiot god, others a moronic marketing department, whatever the truth for the foreseeable future the game is has reached its conclusion.

This Quantum Singularity was so powerful it bridged the forth dimensional gap to wipe out Fornite’s twitter account that has gone black except for a live stream glorifying the quantum singularity’s existence.  As it emits a slow rumbling sound as the matter it absorbed tosses and tumbles in a gravitational field the likes of which our scientists still cannot fully comprehend.

Alright joking aside Fornite isn’t dead, though it might be down for the foreseeable future as Epic gears up to release Season 11 with a brand new map that has been teased by data miners for the duration of Season 10 and possibly a light reboot to some of the more unpopular mechanics and decisions that plagued season 10.

*Reminder* Here are some leaked POIs names from 10.30.. (they are most likely for a new season 11 map!)

Beachy Bluffs
Camp Cod
Dirty Docks
Frenzy Farm
Holly Hedges
Lazy Lake
Mountain Meadow
Power Plant
Slurpy Swamp
Sunny Shores
Weeping Woods
Mountain Meadows


For the time being both players and streamers are unable to play the game as everything is just gone. To call this move hair brained is an understatement.

Right now customers who gave money to Epic season after season are waking up to the revelation that at any moment all that can be taken away at the whim of Epic. This quantum singularity might as well be analogous for the game’s inevitable conclusion and the end of users’ access to their accounts. Was this a reality Epic wanted to awaken the Games as a Service market to?

Then there are the streamers who make money streaming Fornite who now have nothing to stream. Their reward for sticking with the company amongst declining viewership and interest in the game is to have their livelihood taken away. For those that have cultivated a persona like Ninja they’ll just play something else for the day or two during the downtime, but for those that are Fortnite streamers, people who are only watched for their ability to play Fortnite this is a painfully lean time for them.

One of two events will eventually take place: Either the camera will get sucked into the quantum singularity and a cinematic trailer will play showcasing all the characters falling into a new map, or the world will explode out of the quantum singularity again completely reshaped and made anew. The question is how long with this take?

Typically as some outlets are reporting, new seasons start on Thursdays so the game very well could be down till the 17th. It is questionable if Epic will allow both streamers and players irritation to build to a crescendo by waiting that long, so we’re probably looking at hours rather than days till the new season begins.