Funbag Fantasy 2 Launches Uncensored On MangaGamer And Steam November 21st
Funbag Fantasy 2

MangaGamer announced that the ultra naughty, nipple-laced adventure sequel from Waffle is set to make its debut in English on Steam and the MangaGamer store starting November 21st.

Surprisingly the R18+ visual novel will release as an Adults Only title on Steam. I know, I know… given Valve’s crackdown on anime themed games, it seemed obvious that they would deny the Adults Only version, but in this rare instance Valve allowed it through. I mean, when an H-game like Taimanin Asagi gets banned, it almost seems like all bets are off.

In any case, the sequel to the original Funbag Fantasy takes place 150 years before the events of the first game, and it focuses on a time when demons and humans lived peacefully among each other. The story this time around follows a guy named Ruin Dimidum, who becomes a graduates from the Royal Abbey and has been stationed at Boobshire. It’s here, Ruin learns of the great mammary mollycoddling that takes place, where all the women are very… well endowed.

Much like the original Funbag Fantasy, players will encounter knights, elves, and royalty who will all fall victim to the desires of fun bag fanatics. However, like all good sequels, Funbag Fantasy 2 offers gamers something bigger, bouncier, and even more bountiful than the original by introducing mermaids, monster-girls, and succubus to woo this time around.

Kagami Hiroyuki’s dazzling tale interwoven with art from Q-Gaku, will take players around 20 hours to complete, with more than 200 CG images to experience and explore.

If all goes as planned and Valve doesn’t pull the rug out from beneath the feet of MangaGamer, Steam gamers will be able to experience Funbag Fantasy 2 on Steam starting November 21st.

There’s still a month to go before the game’s release, so anything could happen, but if you want to keep track of the eventual release, be sure to wishlist the game over on the Steam store page. Alternatively you can keep an eye out for Funbag Fantasy 2 to arrive uncensored and unfettered on the MangaGamer store.


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